They can stop pancreatic cancer in mice

A search group, led by the biochemist Mariano Barbacid, failed to take full action in ADP (Adenocarcinoma Pancreatic Ductal). It is one of the most aggressive forms of pancreatic cancer. So by working complicated, medical treatment was wiped out.

Only 5% of the patients currently live with this type of cancer.

“The staff team focused on their original research on taking away the Epidermal Factor Growth (EGFR) and the individual kinase protest c-RAF. However, the outcomes were negative in each case. "

"It is for this reason that they decided to investigate if any curative effects were removed at the same time, which showed that not only a number of high shops had stopped. T , but within a few weeks of completely gone. ", The CNIO (National Center for Oncology Research) explained in official statement.

Pancreatic cancer
This is what pancreatic cancer is all about.
Photo: National Institute of Scotland

"As a result, the elimination of EGFR and c-RAF is simply a toxin that is easily controlled by the dermatitis."

This treatment was tried in protective mice by ten models of pancreatic cancer. As a result, nine of these clearances prevented an expansion by the closure of the EGFR and the C-RAF.

It's the first time a new pancreatic cancer has been stopped in a test module.

"I am worried about giving false optimism. I want to make it clear that it will not be useful for people with umbrella cancer now," said Mariano Barbacid to a news conference in Madrid.

“The study is opening up a research path to improve the patients of pancreatic cancer, but it is not suitable for patients,” he told El País Enrique de Madaria, the vice-president of the Spanish Pancreatology Association.

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