They complain that Karen Schwarz is not taking care of her daughter, but she protects it and responds to everything she wants t


Attended a group concert CNCOhe cost hard criticism for him, with his little Antonia Karen Schwarz its name Instagram, where he filmed a picture of the time when the band enjoyed it, with his family.

Through it Instagram. As you can see in the article social network of the model, Karen reached a CNCO concert with her husband Ezio Oliva and his little daughter. Everyone had a fantastic place and after they came to this day to meet with the group, they all won. supporters at the moment

"Look met CNCO, Antonia and Elsa (her doll), "wrote in her publication, commenting on support and congratulations from many of her followers, but there was a user who distracted her. Everyone by asking if the child was at a reception in an early place for sleeping.

“Your daughter must already sleep, because you can bring it to an evening event, for yourself and each other, but since it is so small you take it out for such events,” she said. T i. cybernaut, causing Schwarz to delay any response. “My daughter is where the heights decide she is,” he said.


Photo and video held by TinyPic

Photo and video held by TinyPic

Images: capture of the Republic

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