Transfer Real Madrid: a broadcast of Juventus was given a coat with his coach and put it in white. Spain

Paulo Dybala It has been one of the names attached to them Real Madrid in the last markets signage. However, Argentine opposition and Juventus figures have not changed a shop, although this may change in the face of the next season of European football.

The Middle East papers report this split between Saturday and Saturday Paulo Dybala and his coach Juventus, Massimiliano Allegri, to submit it Real Madrid. Everything because of the incident in the past against Parma (3-3).

It seems that this comparison, Dybala He had to see him from the center shop and he did not give him any minute coach in the field. In addition, before the campaign ends at the Allianz Park in Turin, Palermo had previously been in the catching room.

The newspaper Tuttosport to indicate that a & # 39; Argentina defeated the bianconero DT, but wanted to go in the window when he was in January in Europe. The destination you can? Am Madrid

However, it is not easy for the White House & # 39; take over services Paulo Dybala. PSG is also in sight and for the portal worth 110 million euros at Transfermarkt.

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