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Venezuela: PDVSA turns to lesser known oil customers | Appearance | . | Economy | The world

Petróleos de Venezuela SA (PDVSA) who are turning to less well-known buyers, as most of the world's biggest screenings and high-end merchant houses turn their backs on their backs t petrol.

Sahara Energy International Pte Ltd, MS International Corp.. and Melaj Offshore Corp amongst customers Venezuelan vacation beginners, according to boarding statements and people with experience of the situation. These include the companies expected to have 3 million barrels up in March and April.

Venezuela: IDB removes the Maduro representative and takes one of Guaodo's

Venezuela: IDB removes the Maduro representative and takes one of Guaodo's

Venezuela's oil production after cutting black will reduce it

PDVSA He applied to the new traders following the designation of commercial properties such as Lukoil PJSC and Trafigura Group Ltd without making a further deal with PDVSA, after the United States has put in place more serious sanctions in late January. Sanctions against him PDVSA They are responsible for a de facto deed of US import of Venezuelan oil, the delicate US presence of the USA, including Valero Energy Corp., LyondellBasell Industries NV and PBF Energy Inc., to abandon the ship.

"That is a critical time," said Mara Roberts Duque, an analysis by BMI Research. "Venezuela it will export to anyone who is willing to accept their barrels. "

Venezuela It is struggling to sell its oil, following sale of sales sanctions to the USA, a target of 37 per cent of the oil exports in 2018. Ships to the USA t They fell zero in the week ending 15 March, according to government data. The search for new customers can help to remove more than 12 million barrels Venezuelan oil which sails on the coast of the country, which is not sold.

Sahara Energy, based in Singapore, is a Sahara-related company, which has interests in oil fields in Africa. The company would also look at vessels to deliver gasoline Venezuela, a person familiar with the situation said, t

Sahara and Melaj never returned from call and email. MS did not return an email for comments.

"It's an opening for independent people, as some of the big players are affecting Venezuela," said Paul Tessetti, executive director of crude oil markets IHS Markit, of Dallas. "It's an opportunity, because the market for heavy oil is very tight."

After the US market is lost, Co Ola Rosneft PJSC has provided more Venezuelan oil and supplied fuel to Nicolás Maduro. The Indian refinery Reliance Industries Ltd, which in February as the main buyer of Venezuelan badgers, has purchased all purchases among the US weight, and the imports are considerably lower than. the standards agreed. PetroChina Co Co is due to purchase more cargo in March last month.

Representing Venezuelan oil Last year we reached 69 years of 1,354 million barrels last year, after years of poor management and loss of investment. The result may have risen to nearly 600,000 barrels per day after the failure of the country over the influence of the country.

New customers will have limited ability to take advantage of this Venezuelan oil, from "most markets don't want to get into the middle of this argument" by the US government, Duque said of BMI.

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