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Vis a vis 4×08 | "Look out"It has finished and has done that with a decision that might look like a two-hour finish.

On the one hand, a main line "Look out"finishing by Sandoval (Ramiro Blas) and Sole (María Isabel Díaz) who was killed in the middle of the dispute, and on the other, twelve years later, life is examined All Tere (Marta Aledo) products, a character of why no person can add as much life as the bet.

In conversation with Vertele, the "Look out"Iván Escobar, with this one, said" we have tried to give a beaten. "As he said, in our lives there is a moderate, happy, happy, tender … and we have tried to do this at the end of the year;Look at Vis& # 39; And as long as he understands that not everyone has liked this result, he also understands "If it's everyone's distribution, it's almost a disappointment".

Two years later, Tere is a social worker and keeps connecting with Cruz del Norte for her work. In addition, he has a family, apart from Saray (Alba Flores), and Luna (April Zamora), Goya (Itziar Castro) and Antonia (Laura Baena) have been rewritten in their own way to the society. Those who do not follow these steps are those.

Rizos (Berta Vázquez) will come in and go to; leaving Cruz del Norte. The crimes are not abandoned, although Maca & # 39; (Maggie Citizens) to do. In the last picture of "Look out"Macarena is not now a" dead mosquito ". In addition, she now catches jewelery shops, and the woman has promised to kill her as a banner of Maca and Zulema (Najwa Nimri ) are now partners and together they have a dog named, conveniently, Sandoval.

In a conversation with FormulaTV, Escobar himself stated that "it was likely to be a tender and show me how the character of two life-life programs, that was Tere, and" yonki & # 39 , who had tried a thousand times, she had told what had been completed – one picture and she did not hope to re-write herself – suddenly, we used her as a reporter and we to see what happened in that group of friends when they left here. "

Also, it was directed out that the end of "Vis a vis " I have been happy despite the good luck of a number of heroines running after the riot in Cruz del Norte.

"Usually to die, Rizos is still in the prison … People who have finished well, but there are people who did not, I thought It's like a life itself. We wanted that way to be loyal to us;Look out& # 39; ", He said.

In addition to that, he learned his vision for twelve years, however, he broke a lot of everything he had seen before.

"After all the attacks we saw by the death of Sandoval, I was looking for that interesting and at the same time scrambling how you would dine with an old – wonders and think that there's one slim, and the other has lost his hand in an accident. Like his own life, "he said.

In total, the exhibition "Look out"He said that the subject of Sandoval and Sole and what happened to all subject patrons, though, even though he was" poetic, "" what we are now living and every attack we are live against women. edge & # 39;Look out& # 39 ;, for b & # 39; It's something, b & # 39; It was a woman's sight in the world. "

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