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# We have done it: How do you report a case of mental abuse? | Peru

The Women's Emergency Unit (CEM) has served 27,432 cases in January and February this year. sexual violence. Of these, 14,058 cases were the result of mental violence. That is, most women have reported this type of violence, which is less marked as physical violence, to the specialist staff of your group. T MIMP.

What will happen with calls received from Line 100 of the telephone MIMP. In this service, most calls are made about physical attacks. “Women have more difficult time to count psychological violence on the phone, many of whom do not know how to mark it, they have more visits when it is hit or physically attacked, t "said Workman Line 100."

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In Line 100, more calls for reports of physical attacks are available to women.

How do you recognize psychological violence?

This type of violence is defined in Law N ° 30364, a law to stop, punish and kill. T violence against women and members of the family group, as “the act or the conduct which is likely to keep the person away or to join the unit of desire, shame or shame the person and may lack a mind. Psychic damage is the influence or alteration of some of the person's mental jobs or abilities, manifested by a truth or set of violent circumstances, causing temporary or permanent, re-stable or unstable damage. in all the hard work "

It takes several forms as threats, threats related to the physical side of the person, with his information, with his abilities as a worker, his status as a mother, wife or housewife; humiliations of all kinds, neglect, diminution of work or observation. t

In this video made with #We are made Some features of this kind of violence are also clearly set out.

The streets, ask for help

Violence against women, in any form of this form, can be evicted through a variety of series.

Here are some options for reporting a attack:

1.- CMO
The Emergency Centers Women are special and free public services for victims of violence against women and members of the family group, which receive legal direction, legal protection and mental counseling.


In the MIMP HMP all procedures are free.

Hold down the folder to find the nearest HMO.

2.-Line 100

A free service of 24 hours, from Monday to Sunday. The service provides information, guidance, counseling and emotional support to people affected by family or sexual violence activities and those who know a case of abuse.

Please book 100 from any member of the public or a cell phone.

4. Free line of the Ombudsman's Office

The prosecution is investigating it violence against women they have to get 080000205 complaints from different parts of the country. To register the complaint, you do not need a solicitor or DNI.

One of the allegations above this section explains how the complaints process is:

5. Police stations
All police stations in the country are obliged to respond to complaints of violence by following a protocol where the victim is not responsible and that the matter will be dealt with by force. .

The Mininter has prepared a map of police stations to locate them according to your geographical area. Enter the directory and look for your nearest police station. You can access this map via this link: https://www.mininter.gob.pe/ubica-tu-comisaria



You can also download the folder at this link: goo.gl/uakJ1Y

6. Flora Tristán

The non-executive Flora Flora group offers legal aid and counseling services to women who have suffered mental or physical violence in Peru.

Your email is postmast@flora.org.pe and your telephone numbers are: 433-2000, 433-0694, 433-2765

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