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Can 130,000 people hit a global giant such as Apple?

This is the number of settlers who, in just over five days, come to a legal campaign against their & technology company.

According to the Chile Consumer and Consumer Group (Odecu) that promotes the campaign, this Wednesday, the number of users registered as a 132,000 objector, was a number who & # 39; crossing all records of this kind of legal action in Chile.

"It's a never-fierce success," said President, Stefan Larenas, in a statement.

"The general force of this lawsuit should make it clear to providers who break the law that the time has been abusive or through unnecessary technological activities, commitment, fear or even neglect from users, "he said.

The suit was allowed to be moved by a civil court in Santiago, but the battle does not appear to be finalized here: Odecu stated that he was in discussions with groups in Latin America to register a lawsuit at a regional level.

But what is the purpose of thousands of people to decide to & # 39; legal law on the famous apal company?

Programmable removal

It was brought forward by the lawsuit with the behavioral practices that were recorded in the iPhone's batteries, which say that the group is in a position. reducing the cellular life of cell phones.

By the end of 2017, Apple recognizes that it focuses on the old iPhone models without a single deal with the argument of a & # 39; preserving battery life.

According to Odecu, there were different modules of iPhone that were bought between 2014 and 2017 as 5C, 6, 7, and SE "who had a bad performance, by sudden suffering or by & # 39; show slower operation. "

So Odecu wants Apple Repairing all affected phones, or if it is too expensive, for its subscribers' machine to post a value of the # 39; market at this time.

In addition, he asks US $ 193 to be paid for each user who purchased one of these modules for "the time consuming users due to dragging the device".

BBC Mundo told Apple, but its company said he had no specific comments on his / her. this action case.

Odecu is expecting Apple's agents to be notified in Chile next week, so they hope they will go on this legal campaign.

Regional application

The legal campaigns against Apple are not for these new types of practices. According to Odecu, there are more than 60 similar class activities is displayed in other countries of the world.

The Silein Silein Consumer and Consumer Rights Group, for example, participates in a further class action action against Apple in the US. in which he wants $ 500 to $ 750 for each affected user.

Your District Court company asked her; Northern in California to leave those who did not stay in the United States & # 39; case, but the court refused the petition.

The major involvement in these initiatives is "to prove the hardening level of customers to attract Apple, by promptly submitting and failing programs in their cellular device"said the lawyer Juan Sebasti√°n Reyes, from the law firm that is in charge of this new legal action in Chile.

Odecu president said they have received requests for support from client organizations in other countries such as Argentina, Peru, Panama and Brazil.

"We co-ordinate an application in Latin America with other organizations to do more force in this, "said Larenas Wednesday to the Silein Cooperativa media.

"It is expected that this will work, as there are other organizations in the US and Europe who are also expecting to do the same. he hopes he will be finished here"

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