YouTube: a new rush of "X: Men: Dark Phoenix" featuring the true power of Jean Gray PHOTOS AND VIDEO For Trade Lights | Cinema

The movie "X-Men: Dark Phoenix " has made great expectations among the fans of the saga of warriors about it. Now Fox Fox has appeared, through YouTube, a new promotion of the film that will be focused on the power of Jean Gray.

The shared trailer YouTube not only to show the classical characters and the transformation & # 39; Jean Gray Dark Phoenix, but also provide, for its & # 39; The first time, Jessica Chastain's character's confidentiality, has not yet been signed.

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This new delivery "X-Men" they will put opponents in front of one of the biggest challenges, because they will have a card that is in place; celebrate James McAvoy as the teacher & Charles Xavier & # 39; and Michael Fassbender's Magnet.

To make matters worse, this movie has a partnership Jennifer Lawrence Mar & Mystique, Nicholas Hoult Mar & Beast & # 39; and her actress Sophie Turner His main place at Jean Gray & # 39;

It should be noted that a new official poster of the film was issued before the new search was published, which shows Jane Gray divided between his good side and Dark Phoenix, which is suggested that its & # 39; The piece of the failure is focused in this fight.

As the new poster of "X-Men: Dark Phoenix ", the event will appear on June 7th and indicate the return of the heroes to the big screen.

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