Pet registration enters into the final just


Only about 204,000 dogs are included in the 3.8 million coin cèilidh list.

One day remains for dogs and cats listed in National Registration to account for responsible pets, and lasting six months, until this weekend was written down just over 204 thousand kits and almost 43 miles felines. Here is a 3.8 million cèilidh cruise and 1.2 million cats.

However, those who recorded their pets warned about some problems in the process. "The platform is very tough. You have to upload two different papers. Just on Thursday we put the teams into my dog ​​and two cats. Ask one of the papers Without a code, and just now we have, we can do the process, "said Daniela Navarrete (29)

In the same kind, Ana Correa (54) said that she had met "obstacles when he wanted to make his process." One of them was not clear how to obtain a specific key to a Civil Declaration which, along with the RUT, provides an opportunity to enter the site

Other users promise about the costs, which reach $ 10,000, which usually tends to cost a & # 39; consultation to confirm the presence of the pet or tidy spot.

However, the authorities say that the process is difficult. "That's not that it's hard, you have to take only essential steps," says leader of the Pet Response Plan, Sebastián Jiménez.

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