Peter Mackay, Scott Brison, may be appointed as test judge Deputy Marc Marc Norman


Case in case of trust relied on & # 39; Fellow of Deputy Chief of Mark Norman today – and he's legally politically, military, bureaucratic and business-owned by Ottawa.

It includes current and existing cabinet ministers. Previously, high profile lobby, old journalist, senior military protests and business-based businessmen.

The list, dated 5 July, 2018, was awarded to the Ontario Superior Court on Friday in pre-trial arguments over the issuance of federal government documents that sought Norman protection.

Head of Federal Finance Boards Scott Brison, Environment Minister Catherine McKenna and Conservative Minister Patrick McKay are among 24 witnesses who may be called for evidence on the old leader of naval.

The list was given to the Judge Heather Perkins-McVey for his help in deciding the relevance of documents that requested protection.

It is subject to review. Everyone has no responsibility to phone everybody and subpoenas have not yet been issued.

The test will not be carried out until next August – just before the next federal election campaign begins.

During Friday's submissions, lawyer Norman, Marie Henein, said that a Liberal government has been trying to see & seriously due to political reasons.

"There is a range of information that would suggest that there are clear discussions between the PCO and the PMO office during the time of this test as it affects the next federal election," she added to the # 39 ; court.

Tormod has been arrested for the secretary of a tenancy cabinet for operators at Davie's shipyard, in Levis, Que., When completing a $ 668 million rental contract for a temporary naval supply ship.

It is also said that Liberal decision-making results have been moved to move the program in a temporary format in November 2015 to the CBC spokesperson, James Cudmore, who is now in the past – which is also on the list of witnesses who have; Crown.

It is Spencer Fraser, Davie's officer with whom Norman meets food ambitions, another one of the names on that list. So Kevin McCoy, president of Irving Sunday Buildings.

The country's military commander, Gen. Jonathan Vance, on the list, along with the current naval commander, Former Admiral Ron Lloyd, who was Lieutenant Norman at the time the rented service was down.

There are a number of existing military weapons and their weapons; his retirement, as well as current officers and senior officers of Public Services and Canadian Procurement, who could be called to witnesses.

Brian Mesereau, chair of the Hill + Knowlton Canada Strategies, one of the largest co-operatives in Ottawa has also been identified as a potential evidence.

Attorney Solicitor, Mark Coven, told the & # 39; Friday judge said that the list has been on a number of reviews since he and his colleagues started up.

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