Petr Pellegrini responds to Lajčáka


Minister Minister resigned his position unless Schoacaca entered into migration agreement.

20 November 2018 or 13:36 SITA

Bratislava. It had always been an advantage in Slovakia when there was a consensus on fundamental foreign policy issues and it was not a political issue.

Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini spoke on Monday after the talks in response to earlier statements from Miroslav Lajcak, Foreign Minister to the World Trade Agreement.

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According to the Prime Minister, Slovakia has solutions to the current version of the document, which was also donated by political party president.

He had liked to see a consensus on a Wednesday foreign parliamentary committee meeting. "The decision has to fall," he said.

An application, if Slovakia does not accept the document, would consider withdrawing it, Pellegrini was surprised to see the current position according to the Lajčák worldview. However, according to its first appearance, it is an interesting evidence and has not automatically submitted an ultimatum.

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Pellegrini: Slovakia will not pass over lines

According to Pellegrini, Slovakia does not pass "special lines" in this area, as Lajčk himself knows. The lines, in the opinion, are particularly related to preventing sovereignty.

As a result of the migration crisis and different misconduct, other countries are "very warned of a type of type of document. So Slòcaia is looking for ways to get to # 39; protect its sculptures. Pellegrini, however, said that an international document would not emphasize the security of the country.

With regard to the Lajcak, the Prime Minister, according to his own words, will emphasize people with personal integrity and their; stand for their ideas.

"This is a good feature that may have a future president," he said.

Lajčák was at risk of retiring

If you agree to & # 39; The National Council is committed to approving the United Nations World Trade Compact on Foreign Affairs, Foreign Minister Miroslav Lajcak said he could retire. He answered Tuesday to questions from government presses.

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He argues that Smer Robert Fico does not argue this, but about what Soccer's expectation is to represent.

"Because the toil of the landlords that Slovakia wants to multiply themselves, can be a part of the problems and displaying solutions to others, I can not be to push it, "explained Lajčák.

In a dispute case about the migration settlement, he sees domestic politics and his / her; asks how he has been affecting the interests of the SR, because of that, he disappeared, when he failed in the work of the UN, on the other hand, it is good enough for his president. "

The final idea of ​​the document will be held on Wednesday at a meeting of the Foreign Affairs Committee.

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