Petra Vajdová: Confidentiality to engage with a lovely sweetheart ?!


There is a wedding about it! Actor Petra Vajdová (33) has not been public for a long time. After the death of Martin and my sweetheart Martin (43), they have escaped the unlawful treatment of the Jacobites Kromeriz, the couple had been killed; The couple enjoyed in Croatia and after returning, they seemed to have died.

According to New Time, however, a lover will use each other, and it seems that the time should be prepared for the big day. As we learned, Petra must wait for his chosen wife to divide his wife, Renata, (41) to be alone by Martin before an altar.

Vajd has a difficult time. Everything started after he had tried to stop her in August when she was there; Drinking Driving. She came to play in the "Let's Dance" show, but left her missing, and finally, it became apparent that his athlete was back in the anti-alcohol treatment center in the Czech Republic. It was here that Peter was not struggling with her, but she also got her great lover.

Martin returned to his eye. Lovers, according to the information of the New Time, mean badly together, as a divorce should only be held after its divorce. "They knew I was told that Martin was helping me to wait for Peter for our divorced marriage. They are involved in betting, and they want to take it, " Martin Martin's wife, Renada, still awaits us, who also insisted that the divorced divorce is not yet closed.

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"Sometimes ago, Savior lawyer told me that some papers should come to me. I signed up and sent them, and since then I do not know anything. Martin did not me just for his post, " she added. As it seems, the player has begun to clean up life. Having succeeded in love, she came to work.

"As long as I have information, Petra must accept the SND, she will be there in the next test period from November," he said by his uncle, Joseph Vajda. We have asked questions not just for their actress, but also for the theater, but no one has come to a decision.

His wife met a schoolmaster

The report on the proposed new wedding is not for Renata. The Trial met at one table, and her wife needed to look at her husband's lover, who was seized up to physical invasion. "I turned on my face. I'm relaxing, and that's what came to an end for me," Tell us the breunette for us, who wants to love us; bring their plans for the future. "They talked about how they ask Petra and Martin to start a family," said a source of their neighborhood.

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Year Petrin full of legs and legs

August 2017

They caught under the control wheel with 2.4 milliliters of alcohol in the blood.

The scandal did not find the confidence to speak personally, his words were given by Markíza, as she had to compete for a few days in Let's Dance.

September 2017

In the first round, she was a ceilic in the door. She apologized and it was hard to promise.

The general has been casting out the muscular tendon, which she has been trying to do; pour inside the steep. It should happen when she made a chord.

October 2017

He sent out a written statement that she had withdrawn from her.

Follow a note that was sent to the SND, and it was said that he received the report.

January 2018

From Markiza, she found the stain in the Detective Dušo series.

March 2018

After the Markiza series, she disappeared from the screen.

May 2018

She showed an incapable certificate to the theater and went to medicine in Kroměříž.

August 2018

She told New Time that she had found a new girlfriend that she had been abducted before smoking.

Along with her lover married, she met his wife, Renata.

She and her friend Croatia decided.

October 2018

Martin Martin, Renada, told us that her husband had already been sent for a divorce.

November 2018

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