Petra Vlhová finished second place in slalom in Leaving 2018


Wether was over 58 hundred seconds.

LEVI, BRATISLAVA. Levi, Finland, is the most northerly cup of Alpine skins. It's 170km competition behind the pole circle.

Slaco Slalomarke has been successful in Leaving in recent years, and is still performing. Veronika Velez-Zuzulová finished four times in the tenth mini-level in the World Cup.

Petra Vlhová has a better balance. In Levi, she never finished worse than the third, and won last year.

This confirmed in the first year of slaves this year when the latter ended.

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The race was wet during the first round

Vlhka was able to improve his position from the first round, and later she was third. "I was not as good at the middle of the road, I did not have the correct rhythm, and I made some mistakes, but then I was pushed down but it was not enough to download," said Vlk for the RTVS after & # 39; opening round.

In the second he wanted to attack him and brought forward one bar. Mikaela Shiffrin was quicker. The Americas steer their first and second runners up in the first place. The humidity of 58 kilometers lost each second.

"I'm really happy to confirm the podium and the end is coming to an end, I did not have the first round, I played the race in the bottom and # 39 first visit, "said Vlhová after the second round.

"But I can say that Levi is delighted to me, the weather was warmer now, but the hill is good for me, and this race has shown that Shiffrin can go down, but it must be completely accurate, there, "she said.

The third place after winning the second major tour with the first half of Austria Bernadette Schild.

Vonn was aged less than 31

"I had a lot of trouble on my surface for a year ago, I was not disturbed and I was a little worried, but today it was very good from the top to bottom, and I'm happy to be there," said Shiffrin AP .

The Americans won the 44th World Cup victory in Levi.

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In Finland she won for the third time and in addition to the World Cup points, she won the third stadium. She was named as Mister Gru, the champion of the lively movie, I, the person.

In the number of benefits in the World Cup, Shiffrin still loses the Lindsey vonn (82) threat. But she is only 23 years old and Vonn has only 13 years of age at the same age.

There are 31 more than its countryside.

On Sunday, Lewi will compete in slalom men. At the outset there will be two Pacific riders – Adam Žampa and Matej Falat.

Their first visit to & # 39; Start at 10:15, Second at 13:00.

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