Pfizer plans to build prices on 41 drugs in January, Despite Ideas


(RTTNews) – Pfizer (PFE) said he planned to raise prices on 41 drugs in January, a few months after his company agreed to endeavor to stress under President Donald Trump.

The company said it expects the prices of the list; currently maintained for around 90 per cent of their medicines, and effective 15 January 2019, to increase the list price of 10% of all drug portals – 41 medication. The increase in the price of a list of this subsidiary of the 5 per cent company shares. The exception of three materials is an increase of 3% and one product that is a 9% increase due to two broad development programs that have resulted in FDA agreements from two new medical practices that meet the needs of patients not answered.

"We believe that the best ways to deal with medication prices can reduce the cost of getting out of their pocket , come from users as a result of increased and insured, and to ensure that patients get reasonable benefits by said Ian Read, the chairman and chief executive of Pfizer.

The company said that it is expected that price increases will be balanced with a higher
It is expected that rates and discounts will be paid to Pharmacy Benefit Insurance Agents and Managers and the net effect of revenue growth in the US in 2019. With the hottest and upgraded circuits, the company expects that the healthcare system will bring these benefits to patients so that they do not. get higher costs for their medication. In 2018, the net impact increases of revenue revenues have been expected to be 1% crucial in the US compared to 2017.

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