Pfizer to build prices for some drugs


Pfizer Inc. said on Friday that he would raise US prices on 41 drugs in January, bringing a realistic price back over the summer against criticism from US President Donald Trump.

The enhancements, which will be completed on January 15, related to just 10 per cent of all drug ports and that in many cases they would be resolved by patient relief by insurance companies and drug benefits, Pfizer said.

Trump said that the company should "be overwhelming" after it was built in July, and later Pfizer abducted his elevations, although a spokesman said at the when the frost was still but until the end of the year.

Pfizer spokesman told Friday what drugs would depend on her; 5% price.

Iris Wall Wall said in July that those who were going up to # 39; price and including lung cancer cure, severe blood pills and Lyrica pain remedy.

Three drugs see the prices rising by 3 per cent, with a 9 per cent jump "due to the completion of two development programs [US Food and Drug Administration] FDA Agreements on two new medical practices that meet the needs of unaccompanied patients. "

"With the high appeals and discounts, we expect the healthcare system to share these benefits with patients so that they do not get higher costs for their healing," said a & # 39; company.

It is not expected that the increases will affect the next year's income, & # 39; which gave 1 per cent prices away from revenue this year, Pfizer said.

Although Pfizer regularly increases prices throughout the year, these planned elevations are less than normal; take.

However, US officials criticized the news.

The move shows the "inspiring stimulus of the American drug pricing system," said Scottish Health and Human Health spokesman Alex Azar.

The price of the company department closed with a 0.7 per cent profit to $ 43.51 in New York's Friday trade.

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