Pham Thanh Luong: There are still Vietnam's biggest benefits & # 39; | Sport


"In general, Myanmar has many good technical players, but they are not as good as Vietnam," said Thanh Luong. In this game, & # 39; The new team is Viet Nam to create clear food conditions. I am Understanding how attentive is Vietnam's protection. In three games, the main defense of the richest team is the tightness between the defenders, the defenders and the midfielder.

According to the player of Hanoi FC, this Park Hang coach will continue to continue. showing his talent in this battle. "Park Coach Hangseo does not play a squad around a player, anyone can replace or defeat a member. On the armies of the European army, Vietnam's team is a hot mix of blood – The old and old-minded wisdom of Park Gu Se has always been a long time-consuming and as a result Myanmar does not say anything Long to know horses and we wait to see him What will the laird from Korea do again? "

According to Thanh Luong, although Vietnam's team does not have 3 points in Myanmar but Hang Seo Park, who is an important teacher teacher, still has the best win in the race to win a ticket for Cup semi-final 2018 AFF.

"Myanmar is not badly damaged after this game, with a recruited Vietnam, almost the ticket is not final, it's easy for the Hang Skeptic Park president to be able to breathe his when the final decision at the top of the Meetings Board meets the challenges "under" Cambodia, and Myanmar must meet Malay, "said Thanh Luong.

77 minutes, the game between Myanmar and Vietnam tonight, Van Toan went into the home team but the referee refused the outside goal.

Speaking of the situation, Thanh Luong said: "I did not think carefully about the situation Van Van had but washed away from the outside. But in situations such as 50-50, the referee has the right to accept We are lamenting, but we must respect and accept because no one can change the referee's decision. "

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