Phampita's advice to Florencia Peña and Laurita Fernández will be honored in Bailando: "For that reason, I would begin to spread my nephew"


From the beginning 2018 Dance there is a feeling in the opposition against the jury not seen in previous editions. And those who suffer most of this type of increase of the partners Florence Peña and Laurita Fernández.

Due to this situation, Carolina Ardoon gave his opinion on his case and said that it was a right reason on the floor and "That will depend on the girls" respect. "If they were, they would start spreading nephew to all of them and put down their cops in a second", open in showers.

"Everyone, who works according to their personality, has their formula, it is also difficult to keep the time off as an offensive, I would have a lot of fun"Pampita added to him.

"They put it really hard for me first, then click me and a party, when you click, everyone else will do it with one", the model closed.

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