Phan Ngoc Luan admits he can not catch himself when he falls to Dam Vinh Hung


When he suddenly discovers his emotional friendship Dam Vinh Hung at 1 hour out , The Phan Ngoc Luan He said that his feeling was very tough and hurt when he is now "Vietnam's king music"; take care of how old.

Behind the na na 1 hour out, Phan Ngoc Luan introduced: "Not long ago, Phan Ngoc Luong was reported to have had a bad affair with Dam Vinh Hung. This rumor has been about a while, but recently, when Luo was present at This Video reporter appeared in 2012, when Luo appeared in the program as a server in the team, before the show was performed, Hungy used, there are times when Luan went home, he always sleeps Hung home.

Phan Ngoc Luan confesses that he can not keep himself when he breaks his bed with Dam Vinh Hung - Picture 1.

"Luan was so close to him, so close to the room and the general room, and so she knows about her love. When he met the idol at his house, A big competition, the idol chose his team, and cares, the Luan's sense is like to find a long love. With the situation the dreamer is to & # 39; meet the girl that is now doing, the feelings are on Monday as "

Phan Ngoc Luan confesses that he can not carry himself when he breaks his bed with Dam Vinh Hung - Picture 2.

"Living together, working together and singing with Hung, the feeling grew bigger and bigger, when I hit it, it was a" feeling that Hung, a feeling that grew up, can not stop. I usually used to think that it was just a feeling that passed , I try to handle it as usual, but at the same time sleeping, the feeling It has no control, without control, there are things that I can not say here, but to talk about it.

"Luan's sleeping bed is just too normal" – Phan Ngoc Luan added to him.

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