Phan Ngoc Luan: And made my love story with Mr Dam & # 39;


The male singer was sorry for his / her minute, and # 39; adding more information on the relationship with the teacher, causing a bad idea.

Talk to him On November 22, Phan Ngoc Luan said, "There's nothing in the crack that I did. I do not think it's too far away now. I'm sorry and I want to apologize for Hung. "

The male speaker from The Voice 2012, after releasing the MV Heavenly pian, contact us with an electronic newspaper trying to talk about the new product and the information goes on around its life. "Before I started, the team suggested that I should share some interesting things to attract many people, so I thought about talking about my relationship and Dam Vinh Hung. After & # 39; recording, I felt bad, so I talked to me about the conversation, and he suggested that I would not do too much. Thanks to the editor, cut the parts that I say but they do not agree, "explained Phan Ngoc Luan.

Phan Ngoc Luan regretted the story, causing concern and disturbed Mr Dam.

Singer Phan Ngoc Luan.

The singer acknowledges he had been sleeping with Mr Dam but not two. "We're going to sleep with a fun, ordinary but not so interesting, my story and my brother Hung kissed and just put on the branches as two teachers. Many of the best times are on my own than my favorite moments as my teacher, but for me, I do not expect to do anything too limited, I'm sorry that I did this screenshot, Affect Hung, "Top 4 Share 2016 friends.

On November 21, the public considered a "wave up" when Phan Ngoc decided about the close relationship with the teacher Dam Vinh Hung. He told Voice 2012, he was very enthusiastic for Mr Dam. Do the same training every day, long & he is sleeping at home and so he's a Increasingly the feelings for "King Victoria music." "I usually wanted to think it was a strong feeling, trying to be treated as usual, but with the time I fell asleep, that feeling was regrettable, unhappy. Here, just talk about it, "confess Phan Ngoc. Duong Trieu Vu is the "third person" who includes his teacher-teacher relationship and Mr Dam.

Phan Ngoc Luan had good relations with Mr Dam.

Phan Ngoc Luan had good relations with Mr Dam.

Before the students hit, Dam Vinh Hung did not have a priority. On his personal page, he suggested that Phan Ngoc Luan tried to scratch himself with the intention of attracting public attention to the forthcoming product. He also shared messages translated between him and Phan Ngoc Luan, in which students want to give PR "name" permission for the product, but they did not tell anything. Mr Dam said that "foolish" and "superficial" pupils wanted to listen to the minds of others to create a "too bad" perspective. However, Mr Dam still pardons his students and the listeners also have a " allowing Phan Ngoc Luan to be corrected. Share it, Mr Dam said, he is angry or angry that Phan Ngoc Lu can not change anything. However, from now on, he will not be involved with this student again.

Phan Ngoc Dang was born in 1988. He was familiar with the audience when he went to the tallest festival in Sao May 16 in 2010. He plays music from Vietnam, singer Vin Vinh Hung. In 2016, Phan Ngoc Luan continued to try to get familiar faces and reached the final 4 final. In 2017, he wondered the Vietnam competitors in 2017 and won an Asian crown.

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