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Given the family over the age of 26 years, 3 Phan Nhu Thao's wife will have a & # 39; make those who put her "salts" with today's rich.

Phan Nhu Thao's peaceful life (born in 1988) began to be very tough when he decided he would be involved in Duc An in 2015. He was 26 years older than her age and had three wives . He made a lot of debate about buildings up to 288 billion with the Ngoc Thuy ex-bean model.

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Phan Nhu Thao was excavated when he married the man, a three-year-old woman.

Many think that Phan Nhu Thao, his nickname, is married to 4, but she did not want to, language. She said that the decision was wrong; The best of a marriage with Duc An in life – and it seems to be true about today.

After marriage, she and her husband stayed in a mansion house, 5 floors in the heart of Saigon. Shortly after, she and her husband bought another house facing a business as a reason for travel.

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House in the middle of her husband Saigon.

In particular, in the 5-storey house, despite being purchased almost two years, Phan Nhu Thao just up to the third floor. She did not remember how old the two houses were. It is not known, he was asked to buy the house currently for 45 billion but she does not; sold.

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The living room uses its white twin and the blue water tank makes it easy for people to come. Summit design situation for the area.

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Each corner in the house creates an awareness of joy, warmth.

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Bedroom sleeping is very bright and lucky.

Inside her home decorated with wooden boards, flags and wallstones. The kitchen is small but full of equipment, with air and TV for a cooker, just a break.

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Phan Nhu Thao said that she rarely came to the kitchen because most of the people in the Queen's society made all the housework, including cooking.

In addition, before she was pregnant, her husband had decided to build her daughter on her daughter on the roof of a pillow in Dalat. Beauty with the stunning architecture style of Europe. There are glass doors, glass walls in most rooms, with the intention to bring a lot of light into the house.

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From his opinion, Queen's interior is very good. In particular, most of the Phan Nhon Thao furniture is an internationally organized commune.

In addition to the size of the furniture of about 100m2, Phan Nhu Thao's wife was a key player to build a garden. From the stone paths, flowers are planted around a garden and small waters are stored by Duc. Good money and the time to finish. We know that the value of this house is up to 25 billion.

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This room is designed by many glass doors to the romantic view of it.

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The town became an ambition in the room to a very high standard.

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Sleep bitter, calm.

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Little by little she used as a playground for her & her; little princess.

Describing the new Greenhouse houses of the Skrews, and the small area is unique to & # 39; make her cry

When she moved to a new house, Van Nathair Thanh cried when he was telling about the special area she had designed in the house.

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