Phan Sào Nam said the reason for co-operation with the CNC company


From here, there is a line of gambling with the trillill scale born …

On November 17, the Public Court Court held its first hearing for the defenders in the # 39; trillion cases of gambling.

This afternoon, the Panel continued to defend the defendant Phan Sao Nam, who was the Chair of VTC Online Director.

Talk about your relationship; with the person who left Nguyen Van Duong, who was chairman of his son; CNC company, protecting the individual Business relations were not between two and only but it was not easy, no effort.

Submit birth to & # 39; Rikvip / Tip.Club game, Pò Sao Sao Nam asked to remind his friend and close relationship, Hoang Thanh Trung (SN 1978, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi) who is accused of the gambling line but he is currently absent.

At that time, Hoang Thanh Trung actively met Phan Sao Nam that they have good software and technical staff that can use and develop online software software on the internet, net in a game format. but partners need to be released.

At this time, Nam knew that it was very difficult to apply for card games permission, and to do so; Despite the request from Trung, Nam said he needed to find a partner for release.

The guardians in court

Around April 2015, when Nam Nam Nguyen Van Duong and Duong confirmed the CNC company was once again the "Police" screening was a high tech crime, which could cause sewing. The two parties should have the trust of their game and the two sides will sign the co-operation agreement.

At the test, they named Nam Nam: After being & # 39; registering its document Number 010 / HĐKT / CNC-VTCO on 01/04/2015 co-operation on its & game, Phan Sao Nam CNC company performs well the tasks, Its duties as the two parties have been agreed, including the system, a payment solution for the service .. . Even & # 39; s to record and & # 39; supporting technical work, domain name registration for protecting the person's company Post-

However, there is only one problem that the person who is the "move" is not licensed for a business; game. Every time the man asked Duong, he received the answer "the license is going on".

Also in the response given to the panel's investigation, the defendant Phan Sao Nam revealed the reasons for a & # 39; Believe that Duong has more prosecutors than before, when they work their game there are also several authorities to check, show. Male staff and staff are kept clear and confirmed, but subsequently they did not receive documents or decisions from the authorities.

"In particular, every time that investigation, protecting, announcing the person, translated by Mr Yang (guardian Nguyen Van Duong), Mr Yang said: He will work with those organizations to deal with ", report the employment of Phan Sao Nam in the & # 39; court.

At a lawsuit, the defendant appeared for His regret, and he responded in total that Rikvip's playing industry was in a position; protest, as well as investing in some business areas, estate sales have a vi Reduced money.

At the same time, the person who sent Phan Sao Nam left his friends, aware of his serious crime, suddenly return secretly, to cooperate with a & # 39; the monitoring body.

Self-defense If you have been actively involved with relatives to return the number of illegal benefits. To date, the Audit Group has a & # 39; Holding over 821 billion VND in a short time (22 billion Phan Thu Huong); blocking almost 77 billion in bank accounts; distill 02 houses, 12.4 billion contract value; prohibit 13 purchases for purchasing rooms, worth 139 billion; 05 cars of all kinds.


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