Phan Sao Nam sells three houses at a value of 240 billion to overcome the effects


"Sound" when it is known to be explored

On the afternoon of November 17, the Phu Tho People Court has asked Sao Sao Phan (who was chairman and director of VTC Online) one of two rescue pages to run the trouble gambling line. attached to the old Lieutenant General Phan Van Vinh.

Defender Nguyen Van Duong had been quoted back to a seat to hear Respondent's response panel.

At a question mark, Nguyen Chairman Thi Thuy Huong queried the record base of the records; shows that there is a time for Phan Sao Khanh to escape from abroad.

"Why does the accused know how to hide?" The Presiding Officer asked. He went abroad to work from 2 September, 2017 and there is no case in relation to a complaint and there is no time to travel; get any official information ordered or banned until he returns.

"When traveling abroad, the person who attacked the event in Vietnam heard that this was a fish for himself, and so the person was despite a while Want to think about things in the past, "Nam.

He also said that, when he returned to his survey group, he saw his & case on the first and last day; He asked and signed this order from September 12, that is, after 10 days after leaving Vietnam.

Against the question, does the person who has been accused of having a specific information while Phu Tho is a police? study? Yes, the family has information about their search group to work.

Answering the solicitor's question Two questions are answered; in Ngoc Quang (defense for Prime Minister General Nguyen Thanh Hoa) about two business economic duties and online broadcasting on CNC companies, said that Phan Sao Nam was a " Expressed, according to A, is understood, its & # 39; CNC should do business and when making profits, they can support it to work again the Ministry of Public Security.

Non-Defender remembers the words "screening" and "scratching" people outside a security business. public, CNC, they can do some secret activities for their business work.

    Phan Van Vinh was involved in this campaign: Phan Sao Nam sold three houses with a value of 240 billion to overcome the effects - Picture 1.

Phan Sao Nam at a lawsuit. Photograph: Hoang Xuan.

The defendant, myself very much wants to see the document & # 39; shows CNC as its company, but "the cover letter itself said that everything should be protected as usual."

Name of Defendant Name, not to include Head of Department General, Police once.

Then ask her & # 39; court to the person who has long gone Yang to get a game license? Nam Khai, talk to Duong's defense many times and every time Yang also promotes and says that things are right.

The defendant said that, even though the PC50 … is working, the person still defends his belief that Nguyen Van Duong was concerned about his / her license; game.

Responding to more questions with their Panel about "#; see the particular decision related to the CNC of the police company, where the credibility is where the person who is the author of Yang, is the person who, disappeared For he said that confidence was reinforced over time, through a variety of events.

"Prior to the signing of the contract, Duong said and the person was aware of the fact that the building at 10 Ho Chi Minh was the General Police Department building. With the State agencies, -from with the search agency to strengthen its credentials, "protect the one.

In question, representatives from the provost said, in the # 39; Lawyer said, Nam, who did not see the content of a CNC company text "was written."

However, in the alert report after the end of the investigation, Nam, in several times, Yang has swapped, showing some documents, manuscripts have a & # 39; shows that the work of the service is supported by the police, some directors in which to do it; get official leave and things are favorable.

The defender explaining that the text was very safe and did not read in particular, but Yang said that things are wrong; ongoing, with support from all levels there should be rely.

    Phan Van Vinh was involved in the campaign: Phan Sao Nam sold three houses worth 240 billion to overcome the effects - Picture 2.

Trial Panel. Photograph: Tien Tuan.

Take the initiative to report a $ 3.5 million investment in Singapore

Then send a representative to & # 39; Protecting the person's proxy Was there about the $ 3.5 million invested in Singapore to move overseas money to get the source?

The Defendant said the information, in terms of the amount of money clearly stated during the investigation.

"This is not a cover and the person defends himself on a volunteer to report to the inspection authority." The defendant also suggested that this would be considered as a cash rubbish, "said Nam. The probationary representative decided to defend the person.

He asked the lawyer about $ 3.5 million, which explained the rest, this is money for a lender in Vietnam in VND and in a while, this friend has offered a return to return .

But, for convenience, they will return in Singapore to a bank account in the country. "There is no move from Vietnam to Singapore," said Nam.

Three houses stopped to overcome the effects

At the trial, lawyer Giang Hong Thanh, the defendant against Sao Sao Nam Phan, said that the total amount of value and property that was given to legal matters of Phu Tho province to find out what its impact; at this point. more than 1,300 billion.

    Phan Van Vinh was involved in this campaign: Phan Sao Nam sold three houses with a value of 240 billion to overcome the effects - Picture 3.

Lawyer Giang Hong Thanh changed by Phan Sao Nam. Photograph: Tien Tuan.

In particular, before the test took place several days, Sao Sao Nam worked with the family to sell three houses that sold 240 billion more and have paid this money to the Department of civil judgment on Phu Tho province to get Impact.

Out of these three houses, there are two houses that are home to the person who has been protected and his family since 2014.

"With the rest, the person will protect the family, contact relatives, friends will see if they can get a loan, and contribute to recovering more.

The defendant also hopes, during the sentence or later, to work to increase social society and enhance the reforms, "said the defender Nam.

The name of Defense, November 8, 1977 wrote a petition for the crime by contacting his friend as well as Trung Thanh Trung's animals.

"The defendant was aware of the offense, and so the close relatives of the accused should be aware and return to resolve, affecting the impact of their case, "said the person who defended the demand.

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