Phan Van Duc is a "secret" factor!


Sunday, 11/18/2018 00:03 AM (GMT + 7)

After the last two months against Malaysia in the final AFF Cup installments, eventually, on November 16th, the Vietnam national team took them at the National My Dinh Park at the level of the organization. Cup in 2018. Long ago, My Dinh Stadium and many other parts of the country are so big and enthusiastic.

In addition to a week, public opinion, even regional media has been "damaged" before leaving the Vietnam battle ticket to Malaysia. Thousands of water fans from night before me can only have a ticket for the next day. Black market tariffs increase a number of hours on the list of tickets listed. That's a bit sad, but on the other hand, it's a bit more than a Vietnamese flagship of Vietnamese football before it's passionate to the national fans for its national phone after what it is; town is going up. Vietnam Football.

Phan Van Duc is the secret & # 34; - 1

Cong Phuong was the first player; in setting out in & # 39; Vietnam's first two games in the AFF Cup (picture:

Before his game was held for many hours, in Hanoi, the North Vietnam Football Association organized a militia of thousands of people with cars such as cars and motorcycles. go around Hanoi. with his red flag, the banner is swept away. In TP. Ho Chi Minh's Town, at Nguyen Hue's walkers street, from over 15h on November 16, thousands of fans sat in a tight but very short, with 8 large screenshots with a & # 39; club. Ho Chi Minh Town established a new sound system here.

At the My Dinh National Stadium, over 40,000 seats have no vacant seats. Red has been flooded in one of the leading "fire packs from Southeast Asia". In these centers, the national flag was declining; Children are held in the hands of parents with clear thoughts. In the scenes A, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc; Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan, Chairman of the National Assembly, and many guests came to see her game in happiness. It seems like it's on November 16th, across the S-shaped series with over 90 million football fans going to My Dinh National Park.

Before a game, these two coaches of Park Hang Seo and Tan Cheng Hoe from Malaysia have made diplomatic statements. However, when the game started, the furniture teacher made a great start by employing staff from the beginning. Captain Van Quyet, the best-known player of Vietnam, is thought to be a player again and he needs to sit on his bend. Instead, Phan Van Duc was selected in the left.

Both teams went into the game with a high speed. In the first minute, the Malaysian team's players even had to affecting the member before Vietnam Phone. However, just 11 minutes, Park Hang Seo coach has shown that it is possible to use its effective staff when Phan Van Duc has a good cross from inside to the left. penalty area. The ball went through England and then went to the bottom of the Phoenix, and is a Hoang Anh Gia Lai club that opposes the fight against the enemy.

Although the visit is open, but usually, Vietnam's players are not much more prominent than Malaysia. Even by & # 39; using both Xuan Truong and Quang Hai in the middle, Vietnam's middle middle has sometimes been weak against the strength of Malaysia's players.

Phan Van Duc is the secret & # 34; - 2

A German stripper has a successful game (picture:

Today, both Quang Hai and Xuan Truong are not as well as their play; their ability when they have a lot of wrong passes for losing their ball. At the same time, Xuan Truong and Quang Hai did not have the tectonic attack, notably in the first half, and even half.

Although middle mid-players did not work well, the keeper, Phan Van Duc, showed his ability. 60 minutes, the ball gets from his companions, Pann Van Duc is very skilful to help Germany to give a chancellor to Malaysia. The ruler of the left-wing veterans, who built the score to 2-0. Vietnam's two goals on phone in this game are very important of Phan Van Duc.

After 74 minutes, Park Hang Seo Van Quy replaced Quan Phuong. In this game, apart from the beautiful goal, in front of the defense of the defender, Cong Phuong did not meet many of his features. He went well but was not effective and he often lost the ball in the last step. At the same time, with technical skills and skillful, brave knowledge, Van Quyen has a very good control and maintains his / her. boat and launch assassins by companions.

In the final summary of the game, Malaysia has power to attack. However, their confidence and ability are not enough to create a very dangerous attack on Vietnam Phone aims. At the same time, Vietnam Phone continues to play quite calmly, keep a row to play; game is good and sustainability the distance between the lines. In general, in this game, Vietnam's best defensive line and peace is.

After winning the second prize and overcoming the most uncomfortable enemy in Malaysia in Group A, Vietnam's Vietnam is popular in a competitive position. board. If this is achieved, Hang Seo Park and its students can avoid Thailand as the advocate for a & # 39; war, and to benefit from entering the next round of the competition.

The innovative and innovative use of Hang Seo Park's strategic success has been very good. Vietnam has been part of the "debt" given by the "Repeat" twice earlier. I hope, with the talents and the development at Park Hang Seo along with the efforts of the players, FIFS will be "rated" in the AFF Cup hoping this time after 10 years of # 39; wait.

Park Hang Here is a coach need to talk to Vietnamese Vietnam's unique star?

Coach Park Hang Here he has his own recommendations for the players after the game of Malaysia.

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