Phan Van Vinh, Nguyen Thanh Hoa praised 7-8 years in prison


On the afternoon of the 21st of November, the Scottish Lawsuit about the Phu Tho mainland concluded that the people who were guilty of a criminal offense; rabbit line attack.

The representative of the Phu Tho province People's Law read the criminal record. Photograph: Trung Kien / VNA.

Then, his court went into law. As the first guardian to & # 39; proceeding with the campaign, Nguyen Van Duong (who was the President of the CNC) accepted the lawsuit and sentenced to him. Opposition to Program; At the same time inserting the same business Internet businesses should learn and look at the law to protect "passionate lessons as protectors.

Proceedings have been given to guardian Nguyen Thanh Hoa from 7 years 6 months to 8 years imprisonment

On 21st November, Programmers recommended the Trial Panel to Nguyen Thanh Hoa Defender's Assignment; from 7 years 6 months to 8 years imprisonment.

Response by Nguyen Thanh Hoa in court. Photograph: Trung Kien / VNA

According to Program Manager, at & # 39; the defendant Nguyen Thanh Hoa did not enter crimes as a conviction for the "Costs to suspend roles and powers as long as they were on duty". Instead, the accused Nguyen Thanh Hoa blamed others.

Procorach said that Nguyen Thanh Hoa did not fulfill his duties and actions, the company's proposed CNC company was set up; against rules; To create a number of documents to create favorable situations for activities organizing gambling or covering up such activities, and so on. Problems for the inspection and treatment of work; Failure to the direction of the Ministry of Public Security; Report indebtedly to the Ministry of Security Ministry directors for the misconduct of the CNC Company.

According to Program Producer, Phan Van Vinh and Nguyen Thanh Hoa showed signs of "conservation", in which Pang Van Hoh is the head and Nguyen Thanh Hoa is the active user.

However, the Research Security Agency did not have enough evidence to identify the accused person's private interests, so only one complainant Nguyen Thanh Hoa did for "abuse office and authority as long as they were on duty ".

In addition to that, according to the Program's protocols, during the investigation as well as the exam, Hoa's declaration did not prove that he would recommend his actions.

On his own history, while still working, Nguyen Thanh Hoa had many prizes in the protection of political security and social security, and he obtained many medals, qualification qualifications, martyrs and aspirations. An exciting situation should be on a 700 million volunteering offer to overcome the effects.

According to the analysis above, Program makers recommended the Trial Panel to sentence the sentence Nguyen Thanh Hoa from 7 years 6 months to 8 years of imprisonment.

Previously, on taxes of "power misuse when he was on duty", Phan Van Vinh's sentence was convicted of 7 to 7 years 6 months imprisonment.

Also, in relation to the lawsuit and the sentence of the sentence, the Solicitor proposed to & # 39; Court to punish the defendant of Nguyen Van Duong (who was the President of the CNC) and Phan Sao Nam (who was the President of VTC Online Company) a gambling line online.

The other defendants were opposed and sent the sentence according to the crime, the level of crime involved in the crime: "Use of the internet to act in relation to property ownership to do "; "Gaming Group"; "Gambling"; "Trade unlawful trade"; "Reducing money".

For people who participate in gambling, according to representatives of the Attorney General, will establish a & progression group on the perpetrator's behavior, the level of participation in gambling when they decide to & # 39; punishment. Rik's objects have a detailed history a bit more specific than those with a detailed history. The Question also suggests that the Test Panel should consider the place of the accused person, who is the director, the director, the individual when he / she is; consider the place of the accused in the gambling group. Accountability.

Defender Nguyen Van Duong arrested the lawsuit and his / her. bringing out a lawsuit

After the Program is to launch the campaign, the test will be & # 39; Going into the legal section of defense lawyers, guardians with Solicitors.

The defendant Nguyen Van Duong was standing at the front of the podium in which there is a question. Photograph: Trung Kien / VNA

Nguyen Van Duong (who was the President of CNC) is the first person who has been the first. solve his opinion after expressing his / her listening to a & # 39; Lawyer on Procurement of the People on Phu Tho province.

According to Yang, his behaviors affected his society, the police's reputation and his; Accepting costs such as Questioning.

However, Nguyen Van Duong stated that the complaint had filed a grievance against its Program, with the proposed sentence in the # 39; A penal envelope is almost the highest heavier. So, ask the person who, ask the lawyers to help him to argue, that there is a defense of more facts; get part of the piece.

Before stopping, Duong's securityist asked the internet business as if he should learn and do it; compliance with the law so as to avoid "allegedly prosecuted lessons."

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