Pharma giant Pfizer for drug prices


WASHINGTON – Pfizer said he would raise US prices on 41 drugs in January, which has been implemented over the summer against criticism with his / her; President Donald Trump.

The medicine giant said that the elevations, which affect 15 January, related to just 10 per cent of all their drug care and that in many cases they would be resolved with a patient's relief by insurance companies and drug benefits, Pfizer said in a statement.

Trump invaded the company to go to # 39; raising prices in July, saying that Pfizer should "be a shame", which triggered an early ban, although a spokesman said at the time that the frost would still survive but to the end of the year.

As a spokesman said on Friday to tell out what drugs would depend on her; five percent price, but The Wall Street Journal in July reported that they included lung cancer cure, blood pressure pipes and Lyrica's severe pain medicine.

Three drugs will see prices rise by just three per cent, and one will nine percent jump "due to two broad development programs that gave FDA agreements two new practice practices that meet the unmet needs of patients."

"With the high appeals and discounts, we expect the healthcare system to share these benefits with patients so that they do not get higher costs for their healing," said a & # 39; company.

It is not expected that the elevations will have an impact on revenue in 2019, Pfizer said, when prices left one per cent from revenue this year.

The price of the company's share of the company closed with a 0.7 per cent benefit.

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