Phi Nhung: There's no story about the Hồ Văn Cường race, to make a mistake!


Tuesday, February 12, 2019 00:09 AM (GMT + 7)

Contrary to the concepts of the strange appearance and the voice after breaking the voice of Ho Van Cuong, Phi Nhung responded correctly.

When it appeared in recent events Ho Van Cuong was often the focus of attention and amazed the audience in terms of high appearance, flexibility, even small fashion, personality. He did not recognize the strange oddness of his boy, Idol Vietnamese Kids Music, many people. Even voice Ho Van Cuong after breaking the voice also gets a lot of attention from listeners.

Meeting Phi Nhung at the end of the year, the "Solo with Bolero" section was at an unprecedented level of change and quality of the author, and revealed about the tough teaching of the women. singer

– After a busy year with running shows and a game-game judging, Phi Nhung and Ho Van Cuong are " Planning for the coming Lunar New Year?

My family will continue and I'll show Tet and they'll running a presentation to serve our relatives. Expectations from Year's Eve & # 39; New to 8th, during the day I spend time at home eating Tet with her; children, but at night, we will sing in the continents together and some hot rooms in the Saigon center.

Besides that, since most of my children still have a & # 39; lived and raised in the temple, although I'm busy so far, I will still keep a day on Pagpa Lac Pagoda, Binh Phuoc to visit and meet a child

Phi Nhung: There's no story about the Hồ Văn Cường race, to make a mistake! - 1

Phi Nhung will return to her & # 39; a poker to visit her foster children and to join Ho Van Cuong during a Tetime tour.

– Recently, the Ho Van Cuong statue is tall and strong, its beauty looks pretty attentive to the audience. Many people did not even know him because he changed as soon as after 3 years. What do you think about this?

Ho Van Cuong is in the step of development, and # 39; coding, so there are many normal changes. Three years ago, Cuong was a very important boy, but now Cuong is going to be a young man and is regularly used to a new life in Saigon.

At present, Cuong is also studying at the international school and is taught by teachers to develop thinking and develop natural ability, without limiting it, to a certain rule. Cuong's sight at Cuong is now the most natural changes in Cuong. As Cuong had previously, Cuong is still the same, the same difference is that Cuong has grown older and better than ever before.

– Changing the living environment and learning, becoming more famous and earning a lot of money just from an early age, you are scared of damaged boys, wanting races at the this important age?

I'm sure there is never a struggle and a race at Ho Van Cuong. When I raised children, I was always a tough mother. Although Cuong received many invitations or very high prices, I received a show for Cuong on a Tet weekend or holiday, not to let me go and sing but to. forget my learning

My own and her biological mother are strictly controlled by the cost problems even Cuong. One month, I gave Cuong the opportunity to spend some money, if I had more money, Cuong needed to explain why he was. Give me my baby for the future, tell me and I do not let my life of wealth, waste disposal, and then turn to a completely different person.

At this time, Hồ Văn Cường was developing on the right and right path; Continuing adult admission.

Phi Nhung: There's no story about the Hồ Văn Cường race, to make a mistake! - 2

Ho Van Cuong is tall and strong, his appearance is more modern and more personality than 3 years ago.

– In addition to the ideas that move around the appearance of Ho Van Cuong, there is a lot of controversy about voice; boy after breaking his voice. As someone there and supporting Ho Van Cuong from the early days of singing, what are you doing? think about this?

I also read my comments to voice Cuong's voice after breaking my voice, but with such comments, I just saw it very disturbing. It is true that Cuong had many problems when he got high notes, his voice was broken and he could not analyze it, but after being encouraged and trying to use, there was a voice Cuong fada na b & # 39; better. Many people were even praising Ho Van Cuong for a & # 39; sing sweeter and more advanced than ever before.

– When there were many controversial ideas about the voice and image of Ho Van Cuong, did you let her boy read the ideas about it?

When Ho Van Cuong moved to Saigon, I would buy an iPhone to make communication with the teachers able to make the car back. However, after he was illegally calling the phone when he sent his / her; to watch a car on Phi Nhung's mother, Cuong has not been using her & # 39; phone since then. Cuong knew that he had lost, he needed to take his own responsibility, and so he did not keep anything for him. Sometimes I did not just loan my device to play a small game and I returned, but I did not know Facebook or other social networking sites.

Phi Nhung: There's no story about the Hồ Văn Cường race, to make a mistake! - 3

Phi Nhung said she was teaching her children very hard and Ho Van Cuong never hurt and creed friends.

– Teach children so badly, Ho Van Cuong is not scared and afraid of her; children who are accepted but do not want to be close to her?

Every time I go home, they run away (Laugh). Fear is frightened, but they are very lovely and close to me, I'm so tough as I want to be good for them. Young children are heated very coolly, if they are not rectified early, the decline will be.

– Now, have your own plan and Ho Van Cuong in 2019?

It is expected that I will drop 1 to 3 new albums this year, besides that, Mr Manh Quynh and I will also be holding a concert for a 20 year celebration from having a & # 39; Sing in all states in the USA and the cities. in Vietnam.

With regard to Ho Van Cuong, every year, I will make my own album for a & # 39; memory in memory. Cuong will gradually reach adult and begin to explore new opportunities and interests. If Cuong is still passionate about art and she has continued singing, there is nothing to say, but if Cuong has to move to another area, I will give her honor and support, at that time, These CDs are a valuable reminder to you.

– Thank you for sharing!

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Dam Vinh Hung is still not married, but he has many experiences as a father.

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