Philadelphia defeated Charlotte Hornets … Walker clarified 60 points


Philadelphia defeated Charlotte Hornets … Walker clarified 60 points

The Wizards fall to the Dallas Maureicks in the American Basketball League

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Kimba Walker scores 60 points, but Hornets did not stop Philadelphia's loss (AFP)

Los Angeles: «Middle East»

The Philadelphia Saints were hitting the Charlotte Hornets after an additional time in the NBA, Despite the 60 points preserved by Kemba Walker, as long as the Golden State Warriors had a suffer the second-time continuing for the first time of this Dallas Mavericks season.
Walker, 28, a & # 39; The first player in his team's history was to move 60 pounds in one game, but that was not enough to win his game, which ended at the end of the second half through a & # 39; supporting Jimmy Butler.
Philadelphia made the difference in the first season and ended 42 – 30 but Charlotte's hospitality had just returned in the second verse and ended 26-21 before making the difference in the third quarter and finished in The favor was 30 – 19, but he stopped completing the final comparator equation 110 – 110.
Butler was trying to endorse Walker's attempt to deliver a 111-1 team. Butler made his efforts on behalf of his new team, Three crucial attempts to enter the basket by the end of 0.03 seconds.
Butler went to Philadelphia the weekend with Justin Button, in a different conversation with the Minnesota Timberwolves, which included Croatian Dario Saric, Robert Covington and Jared Bayliss.
"As long as I wanted to win its win, I wanted to succeed so that Kemba could not reach 60 pounds," said Butler.
"I'm proud of what I've done in the game, but I'm angry because we've lost a loss," said Walker, who dropped 21 out of 34 matches and sent out his throat. free.
Walker was the best of 60 points, seven concepts and four support, and Philadelphia's best Joel Imbed was 33 points, 11 concepts and three help, but Butler 15 points and three concepts.
In the second game, the Dallas Mavericks won the Golden State Warriors 112-109 for winning the last two finals, the fourth loss in the last six games, dropped to Rocket Houston 86-97.
This is the fifth in 17 games for the Golden State, who has won the title three times in the four years; disappeared, and fought without the wrestling stars of Stephen Currie and Raymond Green.
The next time in the last 19 games, Dallas is winning the Golden State, who has not lost her; final of the league in the last four seasons.
Compared to the loss of Western Division directors, the situation was best suited to the top scorer in the Eastern Raptors Division with the # 39; Best League Championship (13 winners and four losses), winning the Chicago Bulls with a comfortable driver 122 – 83. In another game, Los Lakers Los Angeles to 130 – 117 to complete the series of Four team benefits and LeBron James, who came to this season from Cleveland Cavaliers.


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