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Wednesday 21/11/2018 06:02 AM (GMT + 7)

(Philippines, Thailand, 18h30, 21/11, Cup 2018 AFF) Thailand and the Philippines have a great battle on their main location.

11 Thailand visits at 2018 AFF Cup (Copyright with Our Media, broadcast by VTC)

Production table B The 2018 AFF Cup is becoming more complex when all four teams are Thailand, All Philippines, Singapore and Indonesia are all in the final. Thai elephant and Azkals are both at the back of the game, and this game at Panaad Stadium is a fundamental cause.

Certified Philippine Football - Thailand: A Challenge of Indigenous Players with the King & # 34; - 1

Thailand is in a high shape at the 2018 AFF Cup

Thailand shows a kill in competitions this year with 11 goals after just two shows. Adisak Kraisorn's lead leader has won seven goals and the player has four other goals to be the AFF Cup prize.

"War War of Elephant" still shows its own identity with its & # 39; member gently and quickly. The extent of Thailand is also a border diversity when they have five players in the league this year. The main coach Milovan Rajevac has also confirmed that he is able to "get over" a good way forward in Indonesia instead of being ahead of us.

Thailand is better than the Philippines's debate, but they can stand completely before the home team.

Certified Philippine Football - Thailand: A Challenge of Indigenous Players with the King & # 34; - 2

The Philippines are very important for the 2018 AFF Cup

The Philippines show a desire to & # 39; Confirm yourself in the departmental area when he is willing to invite the "coach master". Unfortunately, Sven Goran Eriksson's coach was "Azkals" recently, or the Philippines have been more prepared.

Two victories against Singapore and Timor Leste have shown that the Philippineans have no potential for attack. In general, the Eriksson army has more than 20 hours to complete its goal.

The question to which the visitor was a # 39; playing outside English Premier League Neil Etheridge. The Eriksson coach has confirmed that the player will divide the team after November 18. If so, the strength of the "Azkals" will affect.

However, the players' home of the players of the Philippines. Brutal disaster Toraji can still influence Panaad. It may have been a naval battle; for an attack at 201 201 Cup A 2018.

Statements: Na h-Eileanan Philippines 1-3 Thailand


Philippines: Falkesgaard; Sato, Ott, De Murga, Strauss, Mulders, Steuble, James Younghusband, Schrock, Reichelt, Phil Younghusband.

Thailand: Siwarak; Philip, Chalermpong, Pansa, Korrakot; Thitipan, Tanaboon; Nurul, Mongkol, Sanrawat; Adisak.

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