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According to the AFF Cup home page, the Filipinos are the most beautiful team in the & # 39; AFF Cup 2018, the thistle referee 55 times.

Despite the largest number of problems in the 10 teams that have qualified for the AFF Cup in 2018, The Philippines received only 5 yellow cards, which included 1.2 cards per game.

The reason is that the rates are not drawn from the penalty for the Philippine players because they have many well-trained and well-trained European players in Europe, so the scenes "The Azkals "is very tight and not to destroy the enemy.

The Philippines had a yellow card in the AFF Cup, which included Stephan Schrock and Paul Mulders, who received a yellow card in a 3-2 decision over Timor Leste, Martin Steuble and John- Patrick Straub in the 1-1 draw. Thailand, finally, return the new player to the club in Romania – Daisuke Sato in the 0-0 draw with Indonesia.

Philippines and Indonesia are the two teams "bad play" AFF Cup 2018. Photograph: AFF.

In accordance with the AFF regulations, the case is a case; Get yellow cards in the body level cards are deleted if the team reach the finals. So, Eriksson's coach can use these players safely. There were two similar cases of Que Ngoc Hai and Doan Van Hau on the side of the Vietnamese team too "have been resolved" before the game against the Philippines.

In addition to the title "rock king", the Filipin Islands have also become worse at the level of the organization, and that's no doubt. In particular, "The Azkals" has 39 degrees, but only 27.18% were killed correctly and sent 5 visitors. At the same time, Vietnam Phone 57 was numerous at the level of the organization, which marked 8 visits with the right level up to 44.2%.

AFF Cup finals between Vietnam and Philippines on 2 December, at Panaad Stadium in Bacolod City, Philippines.

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