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All you need to know about the latest Nintendo Direct

Nintendo held its first Nintendo Direct of 2019 on 13 February, and updated tons, new games, and publication dates. To keep track of everything, here is every statement made through the Nintendo Direct that you should take care of.

Super Mario Maker 2

Restrict the Direct Section directly, without any warning, to name it Super Mario Maker Getting a new sequel for the Nintendo Switch. This can not be played Super Mario Maker 2, will be launched in June this year. The new photographer has shown a number of new features that will be added to the game, and we also received a picture of Luigi in a builder's dress. how come Super Mario Maker Translation to the Switch is still visible, but since we first loved it, we are looking forward to being able to do it. See what Nintendo can do with this one.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Orders

More play has been shown Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Orders in a new trailer, which showed that Captain Marvel was added as one of the main characters played. Exclusive to the Switch, the game is set to release sometime in the summer.

BoxBoy and BoxGirl

BoxBoyThe game has a prestigious 3DS riddle game that has its reputation. going to the Switch. Play as a warrior with a box, you'll play it; closing boxes to solve a variety of puzzles. The Switch switch includes a new character, BoxGirl, a & # 39; allowing two players to hit levels and their. solve puzzles together. By completing all stages is also a & # 39; opening Qbby, a top box with the own puzzles set and the megabytes. BoxBoy and BoxGirl to start on & # 39; April 26.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Updated for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, known as Version 3.0, will be released sometime in the spring. Unfortunately, Nintendo did not reveal anything that was upgraded, just promising that we needed to wait to find out.

In a better news, we now know a disclosure window for the next DLC character. Joker from Person 5 come in Final sometime before the end of April.

Update Update Tracker Treasure + DLC

Nintendo name updated for free Ulysses Captain Captain through the Nintendo Direct who will add multi-game support to all levels in the game right now. The update will launch later today.

Paying a DLC will also come to a & # 39; game, which adds to 18 new challenges over five courses. This DLC will be available for purchase later today, but you will only receive one course to launch the DLC in full on March 14.

Faladh na Fala: Prepared the Night

Nintendo had a new game rushes show Faladh na Fala: Prepared the Night through the Nintendo Direct, and also published a publishing window: Summer 2019.

Dragon Quest Builders 2

The sequence to 2016 Dragon Quest Builders there is a publishing window now. The RPG block-up operation will reach both the Switch and PlayStation 4 on July 12, and will bring a multi-player with four players and other new features.

Dragon Quest XI S: Replica of the Age

Switch de Switch Dragon Quest XI: A Model of the Age to hit this story shelves. Instead of just being a port, Icon for Dragon Quest XI S featuring a fully decorated soundtrack, the choice of English or Japanese audio music, and a 16-bit mode for the best of school shortages.

TSUM TSUM Festival

A very smart Disney riddle game, TSUM TSUM Festival, making the transition from mobile phones to, well, Switch, later this year. You play as a model of classic Disney characters, a & # 39; explore the world in a modern 3D environment, where you can solve riddles and take part in new names.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas Update

Nintendo showed that it turned Switch de Starlink: Battle of Atlas You will get updates on this April that added more Star Fox characters to a & # 39; game. Peppy, Falco, and Slippy will be added as characters that can be played, with all their unique abilities, along with a number of new missions.

Rune Factory 4 + Rune Factory 5

It was first released in 2012 and 2013 in Japan and West, a hunting game / monster farm Rune Factory 4 coming to the Switch later this year. This special edition will be the first-mentioned re-park, and comes with a number of developments, including a revised marriage system that allows us to get marriages to the following people into dungeons.

In bigger news, Nintendo also revealed that Rune Factory 5 in development nowadays, although nothing has been shown for it only for a logo.


The most recent RPG is the Enjoy Square Enix RPG Oninaki. Situated in a world where there is a refurbishment of a life fact, you play as a hero who will, travel between life and death to save soul before converting into monsters. The rushes that exhibit the artist will; using many weapons, including sword, ax, spear, and bow, which appear in real time. Although specific details have not been circulated, Oninakicoming out this summer.

Yoshi Discoverable World

Yoshi Discoverable World, which will be released on March 29, which will be released first demo. Better still, the demo will be available for downloading later today.

Number of fire: Three Houses

This was a big focus on this Nintendo Direct Number of fire: Three Houses, and finally we have latest information. Situated on a mainland called Fodlan, which is divided into three countries. You play as a mercenary who, after a secret event, will be a traveling with his father to a monastery at the center of the continent to become a professor. Choosing one of the three countries for teaching, you will guide them in a battle all over the earth because peace is a & # 39; begin to collapse the land.

In variation from the submissions submitted in the permit, you will be able to fully evaluate the school and speak to the students in a 3D environment. However, blogs will still be based on grid, and the army triangle system will return the series to return. It was originally set up to release this Spring, Number of fire: Three Houses has been slowly delayed and will be launched on 26th July.

Tetris 99

Out of every contract for a battlefield mode, Tetris the danger to the most spectacular. Tetris 99 and competitive, multi-player Tetris, where 99 players try to become one player; Let's stand in this funny riddle game. Tetronimo players can combine to destroy their lines, but otherwise, this is classic TetrisBest Post Office? It is free, and it is currently available to download and play.

Dead with Daylight

The horrible film simulator is very awesome Dead with Daylight just one of many ports coming to the Switch this year. The four-to-one game shows a group of people who live and leaving a powerful deadly, and is positioned for release during the disaster.

Deltarune Chapter 1

Toby Fox continues Submit It's amazing to reach the Switch on February 28. Available as a free download on eShop Nintendo Switch, Deltarune: Chapter 1Lairg "free" spoiler "that is typically displayed in everything related to the game. Future chapters Deltarune to be released on the Switch, although not free.

Daemon X Machina

MARKET WORK game! Daemon X Machina Free demo is free on the eShop later today. Including four campaigns and one battle leader, a representative said; game, Kenichiro Tsukada, that the demo means players play a sense of customization options; game. Daemon X Machina on slate to let it out in summer.

GRID: Autosport

Codemaster reasonable racing game GRID: Autosport is reinforced to come to the Switch later in the summer. This distribution will include all DLCs that have already been released for its & # 39; game, as well as moving controls and a multi-player skills.

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

Ninja Theory's prestigious executive game, Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, come to the Switch. Launched in 2017 on PC and PlayStation 4, the game was also transported to Xbox One in 2018.

Mortal Kombat 11

At this stage, we should ask us what games are not taken to the Switch as opposed to their games. Mortal Kombat 11 it is the latest game that comes to the Nintendo consol, and will be released simultaneously with the other versions on April 23. That is, if you are not in Europe, in case, it will launch on 10 May.

Solution 2

An yarn based platformer Solution 2 which allows you to get involved in active collaboration when arriving on Switch on 22 March.

Assassin's Creation created 3 Time

Named Nintendo and Ubisoft Assassin's Creation created 3 Time, a collection in which both are Assassin Religion 3 and Liberation Creed Assassin praised, launched on the 31st of May. Each DLC piece is distributed for each game, together with a better mechanic for Assassin Religion 3South Westerly

Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy 9, Dungeon Mystery Chocobo: All the relationships

Named last year, Enix Square concluded the dates for publishing three announcements Final Fantasy Games to the father over the next few months. Final Fantasy 9 It's amazingly available on the Switch today, Final Fantasy 7 is set to be released on March 26, and its # 39; gut off Dungeon Mystery Chocobo: All relationships store shelves hit on 20 March.

This is the most obvious precedent Final Fantasy 10 and 10-2 to be released on April 10, and then Final Fantasy 12: The Age of Shot later this year. Final Fantasy: The Crystal Chronicles is also named, but date is not published.

Attach Astral

Latest Platinum Games for the Switch, Attach Astral shows two police officers who fight against the great monsters. The two characters will fight against these monsters, and using a legion called Legion to bring peace to the "multi-cultural city". Not much games have been reported, but Attach Astral released on 30 August.

And although no information was displayed on it Bayonetta 3, Nintendo said improvement was continuing on the next prospectus.

The Legend of Zelda: Remake Awakening at Link

Wake up! Nintendo named renamed Boy Boy classic The Legend of Zelda: Awakening na Attangail as part of the final release of this Nintendo Direct. This will be the 3D entertainment on the first one, along with some of the additional features, and it will maintain the upscale and side scrolling view of which the game is known. We have little information about this replay, except for coming out later in 2019.

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