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Pia Wurtzbach
Which is the best in Pia Wurtzbach?

PIA ALONZO WURTZBACH was crowned as Miss Universe in 2015, and was the third Miss Universe. Ms Wurtzbach won the distinction after Steve Harvey's guest name Miss Colombia as the winner. After understanding the mix up, Miss Universe 2014 had Paulina Vega to bring the woman's crown to a head in Miss Colombia and to take her to Ms Wurtzbach.

His reputation was celebrated as she is now remembered in wax.

Last week, Ms Wurtzbach published the figure of a wax herself by Madame Tussauds, the world-famous world-famous museum and museum, founded in the 1800s. Madame Tussaud, born in Marie Grosholtz, was an art teacher for the French royal family. During the French Revolution, she had to dispose of the remains of her old students, who were killed by the gull. Overcoming the rising, she settled in London and opened her museum of faint people, figures showing tailors and famous criminals.

The museum has been occupied by many people in many places, and Merlin Entertainments is now working. The museum has opened different branches in the world.

Ms Wurtzbach's incubation figure will be displayed at the museum's Hong Kong branch next month.

A few days ago, Ms Wurtzbach's figure was exhibited at SM Mega Hall Hall as the highest level of Hong Kong's travel tour with Klook. There will be an image of Ms. Wurtzbach wore a replica of her blue gown Michael Cinco when she took her into the crown to the next Miss Universe, Iris Mittenaere, in 2016.

It is lifted as if to have a crown finished with a replica Miss Universe Phoenix Mikimoto, visiting the museum in the interactive wax figures.

In an interview with him BusinessWorld, Ms Wurtzbach said she had to stand for hours holding the artists to the artists Madame Tussauds. “They were measuring everything,” she said.

Ms Wurtzbach is also the first Filipino to be respected with a Tussauds figure. In this regard, Ms Wurtzbach said, “This is a great achievement.”

“Our Filipino guests have always been very important to us and we always believe we should have a Filipino wax figure so we are delighted that Ms. Pia Wurtzbach marking this milestone, ”said Madame Tussauds Hong Kong General Manager Jenny You. “We can't imagine anyone except her representing the Philippines like this. ”

Ms Wurtzbach is also delighted that the figure is put in Hong Kong, which is a site for many OFW and tourists. “They've got someone there, and they feel at home. ”

'I can't put my head round it. I'll be beside Kendall Jenner, ”said the queen, saying of the other images in the museum.

Seeing the number of dogs close to being is strange. The skin has knocked down from Ms. Wurtzbach, from the bruising of her breast, to many other features as well. Ms Wurtzbach sees her beside him, a little rebellious as she is just the way she is, just that he doesn't cause it. One claim for error can be made for another.

“It's nice. Especially when I go ahead, ”said Ms Wurtzbach, looking at her figure in the eye. – Joseph L. Garcia

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