Ester Ledecka on Winter Olympic ski and gold snowboard

It has been almost a year since Eerr Ledecka became the first athlete in 90 years to apply for gold as a skipper and on a snowboard at the same Winter Olympics.

If its impact in the alpine-super-G weakening event was almost unexpected – its world was ranked 49th in the world before the Games, the revival came to its unprecedented performance as before even more for a Czech star.

A month after her historic pair of winners, she gave her a congratulatory message from Canadian singer Bryan Adams.

"I've been in love with Bryan Adams forever," Ledecka is listening to, and # 39; talk to CNN. "Four years ago, I was in Brno for her concert and my friend gave me home and I caught up and wrote on my guitar & love Bryan Adams.

"Someone thought that it could make me a video for me to congratulate me and they showed it at a news conference at the end of the season. It's the best thing."

Ester Ledecka's & # 39; First person in 90 years to win both sides of gold and snowboard at the same WInter Olympics.

Ledecka character is a tenancy; When she laughs, it's hard to continue. But, as well as his humor, he has been overwhelmed with a 23-year-old star back in his countryside.

"He was sore," she remembers the homecoming home; waiting for it in Prague. "The whole square was full of people. Because I'm pretty, I was standing at the back of the stage.

"They were laughing and mourning. It was so advanced and so beautiful, and it was frost that day – it was less than 20 degrees in Prague and I was so happy that someone came. "

Skinny goggles

There was no doubt that strong athletes who had ever been at an international skiing at the World Cup before reaching Pyeongchang. Anna Veith Austria, who won the gold in Sochi in 2014, was a true coach to repeat the evening, just for Ledecka to carry the problem with 0.01 seconds.

It was astonishing at all; in Ledecka to attack one of the most memorable news conferences. She asked her to & # 39; keep her skinned goggles, and her & her; a lot of corruption, as well as a proportion of proportions.

If anything was, the situation of his first advantage gave her second advantage in the most attractive massive slalom.

"I wanted to forget the first set," Ledecka explains how it needs to be & # 39; Move focusing from one event to another.

"I had more hopes in the snowboard and it was hard for me because many people reminded me and her congratulations to all Once I went to the top on my snowboard. "

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Ledecka continued to benefit her in the super-G event that had a big slagom slalom effect on snowboard seven days later.

After Anfisa Reztsova of Russia, who won gold in biathlon and cross-country skiing, Ledecka is the only gold-winner in two different subjects – a & # 39; The first one at the same games.

I'll do it & # 39;

Although its coaches may have been encouraging Japanese to go to # 39; One focus on one issue, it was never in Ledecka's thoughts, and family history has been strengthened in a competitive sport. His 77-year-old grandfather, a two-year Olympic award as a ice player, is still a healthy coach.

"Many coaches would say you can not do both," she says. "You can not do both at a higher level or World Cup – you must choose. And I was:" No – never did that ever, how can you know if is this possible or not? do it. I will work for it. & # 39; This is possible, and I thought it wrong because it is possible. "

If anything, she does, work at one subject on the other. It will comparing the expectation that one sport must be selected for a & # 39; Parental running during family divorce.

Although skiing and snowboarding are almost the same as their own tribes on the hill, with just a few of them; making the crossover, Ledecka says they have moving features.

"I think my snowboard is helping to get closer to the slope," Ledecka puts pressure on. "And also, in a snowboard, you have only one chance to do well. If you do not get it right, you'll fall on your own.

"A skipper helps me think about my pace. The control is very fast, so when I make snow it's a moving motion for me. That's really helpful to me because I'm not scared. "

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Ledecka needed to overcome the worries of coaches, who tried to persuade a Japanese star to be able to go. focus on one subject.

Despite its success, however, Ledecka is still very aware of the challenges that remain ahead as it aims to represent the main forces it has on its sport. The nature of sport is that the pace of change will not count for anything if she can not wait at her & # 39; the summit.

She emphasizes Marcel Hirscher, Mikaela Shiffrin and Lindsey Vonn – all three of them have gone on to become long-term residences at the top of their respective topics.

"I'd like to be the person who has the roof all the time," she said.

"There are a few people, but there are not many, who are capable of playing at the roof all the time. I would like to reach this [level] One day, but it's still far in front of me. "

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