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Firefox Enter a free file encryption service for all users

Mozilla is now an online shared service and is now available to all. Called Firefox Send, the platform which was originally launched in 2017 as a trial service under Firefox Test Pilot. Although there are no longer now, Firefox Send has gone to an encrypted cross-head service that allows anyone to upload files to 2.5GB in size.

There are several file-entry services online, such as WeTransfer, but Mozilla offers a source with its result: it focuses on privacy. Firefox sends end-to-end termination encryption, enabling users to send sensitive documents that they can upload uncomfortablely, such as financial papers or industry reports.

The service is set out as a simple solution – no cost for installation of large files. Anyone can upload files to 1GB in size, but users will need an account before they can upload files between 1GB and 2.5GB. Firefox Send provides different controls and features, like the ability to count several times, before the files can be downloaded.

Alternatively, users can select how long the link is live before it finishes and add a password as an extra layer of protection. Users can download the files via the link they receive; they don't need Firefox's account to download, but they need to upload one file size with more than 1GB size.

There are special limitations – Firefox Send is not only a free service that makes it easy to upload a file quickly and send to someone without worry about a copy open to the server of the site or a correct account will be given to the downloader. The service is similar to WeTransfer rather than Dropbox, but there is no option for extra resource cost.

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