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Gorm Blue lights will be placed in screes over the Arctic Circle explained by Nasa

People who looked at North Lights in Norway over the weekend were treated not only to the remarkable players, but also showed that strange lights were moving through the country. air.

Though those who have been prepared to pledge allegiance to some new plunderers outside the landscape may be pardoned, Nasa has been working for him and explaining that he is a pair. They created something amazing.

The spectacular geometric lights, made up of dark blue clouds, turquoise ditches and bright orange valeor routes lit the sky across the Norwegian Sea on 5 April.

They were the result of an experiment designed to examine the processes within the Earth's “polar” processes, where lines of the magnetic field of the planet will bend down through the atmosphere.

This is where the fragments cut from the sun form cause Aurora – the colorful natural light displays that appear across the poles at sunset times.

Scientists want to look directly at what happens in a giant in the charged sound electronically and describe it as a “heavy skeleton”.

The couple of rockets were carrying scientific instruments to check energy exchange during their wonder, and also use what they used to “show obvious gas detectors”, between 71 and 150 miles.

The mixture of materials is similar to those found at fireworks, with chemicals that mourn when exposed to the sunlight.

The multi-colored vapors made “allowing researchers to monitor the flow of impartial particles and winds with auroral wind,” said Nasa.

The project, known as AZURE, is awarded for the Auroral Zone Upwelling Rocket Test, and was produced by two Brant I-A soundtrack rocket, launched from the Andøya Space Center in northwest Norway.

“Continuing the movement of these colorful clouds using ground-based pictures and moving the positions in three dimensions, giving three dimensions, valuable data can be obtained directly through straight currents and straight bones of the earth. The main division of the ionosphere over a range. said different nobles, ”said Nasa.

Michael Theusner, who took a great deal of kaleidoscopic lighting: said: “As we watched the effects from the stunning north light showcases, the rocket was launched from the Andøya Space Center about 180 km long. going north.

“We saw two horns of orange rising into the sky and disappearing. Although there was a strange light later and color, clouds were growing and I had no explanation for the first time. It was like a foreign attack. ”

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