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iPhone XS Max tries to test S10 + satellite trials

Apple's biggest phone is harder than Samsung's. The iPhone XS Max made much better than the Galaxy S10 + in a series of drop tests.

Bad news is that a mobile device did not prevent a break when it was released.

Samsung uses Corning's new Coal Cilla 6 over the S10 +, with Gorilla Glass 5 on his back. Apple didn't let what he is using out of XS Max, but it could be on a version of Gorilla Glass.

Exam Methods

There's a 39; PhoneBuff tests are used in using a device to let each device fall 1 meter. The units are left first on their back, then an corner and finally on the front.

Any phone lasting three through the majority will then be switched down 1.5 meters per 10 times.

iPhone XS Max vs the Galaxy S10 + test test results

In the first visit, the back of the two devices broke, but the Samsung offer showed there was much more damage. “The iPhone did well here to earn the job under a tour,” said David Rahimi PhoneBuff.

The two instruments came through much worse during the fall. This was seen as a connection.

In his face, the iPhone XS Max suffered damage in one square of the screen. Not for Samsung's offer so good. “The S10 faults appear along the front,” according to Rahimi.

In addition, the screenplay finger scanner in the Samsung mobile scanner stopped working after the crash test. The impact on Apple's face recognition system was not affected. PhoneBuff They can also pronounce the iPhone as a winner in this tour.

It's bonus round & # 39; The fourth walk is called “because this is the most important visit in this test, because people don't really hit their smartphones 10 times in a row. ”

But, the region that had the Galaxy S10 + was better, without any further loss of activity after 10 rafters on its face, despite the increase in damage. The iPhone XS Plus didn't do so well, because a section of its hand scanner stopped working after it had been dropped three times.

PhoneBuff which gave the overall award to the iPhone, with a score of 36. The S10 + was entered in 34.

Watch the video to judge yourself:

The iPhone XS Max came in This responds to PhoneBuff compares the results of all Apple, Samsung, LG, Google and OnePlus calls run through drop tests. The tenth place is the S10 +. At the top of the list is the iPhone 8.

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