Irina Shayk leaving Lady Gaga on Instagram

  • Some people have positive problems that Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper are secretly in love after giving them an amazing show of "Shallow" at the Oscars.
  • Now, fans have discovered that Irina Shayk does not follow Gaga on Instagram …

    Ever since the "Shallow" tune played at the Oscars, people have been considering Lady Gaga and friendship outside Bradley Cooper and what he's doing. meant for Irina Shayk. The answer? Nothing! Clearly Irina and Gaga are getting well and there are tons of evidence like this.

    That said, some of the corners are on the internet confirmation Irina does not leave Gaga on Instagram just before the Oscars start, and both tabloids and Twitter have lost every penny:

    So … sea …he did Irina leaves Gaga? Of course, but she is definitely not following at the moment:


    And Gaga does not follow Irina either – although it's fair, she's just a & # 39; respecting 38 people.


    Hmmm … obviously, there is a reason for an eye, but let's go ahead and take on those two who did not follow each other to start, just? Or not?

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