Jeff Bezos replied to the National Enquirer; in 3-word e-mail

Jeff Bezos breezily responded in a three-part e-mail to what he said he was a threat to "ripping" from the National Inspector's American Media Inc. parent company.

That's according to his security consultant, Gavin de Becker, who in an open article in the Daily Beast Saturday, gets more light on the Amazon CEO's response to the Enquirer's attempt to relate to Lauren. Sanchez, a TV guest.

De Becker said AMI's email and Bezos wanted them to nominate an eight-page contract as a result of the publication that held the world's richest man.

De Becker said the contract would ask him and Bezos to make a public statement in which AMI presented the comments on Bezos and Sanchez from any political encouragement as well as saying that the Enquirer did not use electrical or hacking in their news and collecting processes.

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When he was e-mailed on 6 February, Bezos immediately answered, "You had no thanks," said Becker.

The next day, Bezos published a blog posting an AMI's plan and complaining about the company – led by CEO David Pecker – of "ripped and extreme." B & 39 is the title of Bezos, a sign for his e-mail, "You should not be thanked, Mr Pecker."

An article summarizing De Becker's request to show AMI's unusual request was highlighted. He said the company wanted to prevent any claim that it would be prosecuted because it was "eavesdropping or electronic" although it had never said anything about the use of methods. T that.

“I'm writing this day, because it's just the thing the Enquirer had planned to stop me from doing,” wrote of Becker.

He also said that his investigation had concluded "that the Saudis had the opportunity to phone Bezos, and that he had received private information."

AMI gets a well under the bus

On Sunday, AMI left that Saudi Arabia had a link in its story of Bezos – and in doing so, threw a store under a bus.

The well is Michael Sanchez, Lauren Sanchez's sister, who has long been recognized in the story but has definitely been denied the appearance of Bezos.

Michael Sanchez and Bezos.
Iain Sciulli / Getty Images; Mark Wilson / Getty Images; Samantha Lee / Business Insider

"Despite the inattentive and unstable claims of Mr de Becker, then, the American media refuse the unsuccessful applications that our materials for our report have been helped by anybody but the same store they brought us first, "said AMI. t

“What it has been is that Michael Sanchez presented the National Advocate to the referendum on 10 September, 2018, and over a period of four months provided all the resources for the study. We have. who is misleading our documentary, and what it does in it, it means that no third party has done anything else to it.

Saudi Arabia has also refused to participate in the story.

"It's something between the two parties. There's nothing to do with it," said Saudi Arabia's state minister for foreign affairs, Adel al-Jubeir, in February.

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