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Lakers Catchroom in CHAOS: LeBron James team matches HATE each other – Other LA Managing | Sport

That's according to the hosted podcast at Locked on Lakers, Anthony Irwin, which is a recommendation that the whole team does not; going on.

The Lakers fell below .500 again at the weekend after they damaged Pelicans New Orleans, agreeing not to be in a position; playing Anthony Davis.

It's still back to hope to access the NBA playgrounds, and pushing three games back from the eighth seeds.

There is still enough time for the Lakers to be converted with 23 games left, but one of the hardest timescales for their final feature in the NBA.

The Lakers suffered clearly in building up to the trading date, with all players not named LeBron James involved in talks for Anthony Davis.

The Pelican stopped the end to conversations, and # 39; Waiting to wait until the summer when more teams come into the application.

But Irwin argues that this Lakers timetable has already been damaged and may have a place for them in the playoffs.

"I do not think they love each other," said Irwin on her. podcast at Locked on NBA.

"That's just where it starts.

"The NBA trading timetable has caused damage to this roster and chemistry in the catching room.

"One agent, the day before they hit the Houston Rockets, was a report … and was a producer who currently represents Laker, who speaks anonymously, and he is say that his client does not think that the Lakers will get rid of their damage at the NBA trading date.

"They went out and won that night [against the Rockets] but these inconveniences come from a place where they are not; believe in each other, they do not believe in Lukas, they do not. believe in the front office.

"It's a hard time for the Lakers now.

"And then, Lucas plays Rajon Rondo and Lance Stephenson at any moment at this stage of the season, so you can not get back from the court.

"The chemistry questions you can not get back in the catching room and then there is such a mix that's going to be thrown out there – The whole group has been really successful this year. "

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