LOFAR Teileascop Showing 300,000 New Signals from D & # 39; disappeared

LOFAR Telegascop 300,000 New Signals
LOFAR / ASTRON [CC BY 3.0], through Wikimedia Commons

Scientists used the LOFAR telescope that has introduced 300,000 new features from the far-reaching globe. Interestingly, most of these features reach Earth with long galaxies. The discoveries could find a lot of explanation about the unfinished global universe we live.

A group of 200 soldiers from 18 different countries investigated a radio spectrum that used Low Low Suitability telescope, also known as the LOFAR telescope. Their first products were published this week, along with 26 research papers in the Rionnagan & Geography magazine. LOFAR telescope is used for sensing and low frequency radio frequency.

Optical light is not always the best way to see everything in the cèilidh world. Instead, scientists often talk about radio stars that are going on; wider coverage. The 300,000 new features from the globe were far from almost all galaxy. However, researchers have seen black holes, which help to show more about how to do it. developing disease messages and measuring magnetic areas.

"LOAR's amazing vulnerability and that allows us to see that these jets are present in all the biggest galaxies, which means that the black holes that stopped eating, "Philip Best, one of the study authors and professor at the University of Edinburgh Phiois and Running School in a statement.

Galaxy clubs are similar to big stars, but there are hundreds or thousands of diseases. Sometimes, two diseases would come together, and # 39; distributing large radio emissions that can travel millions of years, due to the amount of grain accelerated as a result of its integration.

"What we are starting to see with LOFAR, in some instances, unread galaxies messages may appear to show this distribution, although it was at a very low level that was not easy to see. This finding tells us that there is another philosophy, as well as unity events, which will stop graveling acne over large levels, "said Annalisa Bonafede, professor Associated in the Department of Physics and Reality of the University of Bologna.

The LOFAR telescope also allows the viewers to monitor the areas of weak magnetes in the area, and their impact on radio waves.

"The unprecedented accuracy of the LOFAR dimensions has allowed us to monitor the impact of magnetic fields on radio waveforms from a massive 11 million million radio ray radio. This work shows how we can LOVE to help us to understand the foundation of magnetic fields, "said Shane O & Sullivan, a professor at Hamburg University.

In order to process the data, the team used the main computer and data center at SURF, a Dutch group working with information and communications technology, and data processing of the wavelengths in a year. This process would usually be far beyond a traditional computer.

"These images are now public and let soldiers look at the development of galaxies in their previous details," said Timothy Shimwell, a member of ASTRON's staff.

The newspapers today do not make up 2% of the air inspection performance. Hopeful scientists have a collection of images of the arts north, and # 39; believe that they get much more than the 300,000 new features from a deep place. The team hopes these results will help to find out how the globe was created and where there were high holes.

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