Long-Term Fishing Learning From Archeopteryx Bird Related to Dinosaur Unknown

Imaging technology showed that the 150,000 million fossil feathers that were discovered in Germany were in the 1861. Ite shows that the aircraft did not belong to the Archeopteryx bird. (The Hong Kong University )

The first fossil feather found over a hundred years ago has been linked to the famous Archeopteryx birds. However, the results of a new analysis showed that it seemed to have been; belong to an unknown dinosaur.


Scientists accounted for fossil feathers 150 million years after it was discovered in Germany in 1861.

Earlier reports say that the long feathers have been made, but this is not seen today. The quill is essential in the & # 39; understand what part of the body belonged to the ite.

Using advanced imaging technology called laser-stimulated fluorescence (LSF), Michael Pittman, from the Department of Earth Sciences at Hong Kong University, and b. colleagues can tell what fossil machine was needed.

"The reed is still a ghost and geochemical (no halo) because the original fossil material is no longer preserved," said Pittman

The iconic imaging method in the configuration of the archives, enabled researchers to make a detailed comparison of the bird icon with other fossil feathers that belonged to the Archeopteryx and new birds.

Gun Gun from Archeopteryx

It was thought to have been the feather; in a double ite, or long-tail tail feathers, from the Archeopteryx, but found the new study that the ite did not represent the secondary, secondary or tailing feathers of the Archeopteryx.

The most famous fossil bird is the Archeopteryx. He had wings, feathers, and bones like a bird, but there were teeth, legs and tail-like stones as a small dinosaur.

He also showed that the feathers were different from today's birds because there was no distinctive shape in its shape.

Based on the new data, researchers recommend that the remote ite from dinosaurs use unidentified.

"Remote feathers may be related to other basal aviary or even unnecessary penal, and to increase the low diversity of the Solnhofen Museum of the Theaters", written by researchers in their study.

The results were published in a magazine Scientific Reports on February 4.

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