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Makers of Leaving Neverland refused; Brett Barnes to be taken out of film

A lawyer for Barnes wrote to HBO in the week before the US documentary program began to complain.

Solicitors for Brett Barnes have said that the filmmakers are behind the documentary Michael Jackson Leaving Neverland they refused their request to remove their request and referred to Barnes from the film.

The documentary notes Barnes' relationship with the late singer when he was a child, with one interview saying Barnes was a “place” for one of the two writers. Leaving NeverlandNumber of senior interviewers, Wade Robson. Robson and James Safechuck, who also appear in the film, say that Jackson was abusing them when they were children. Jackson denied that there was any abuse until his death in 2009.

It has now come to light that Barnes' law team worked with the matter Leaving Neverland producers first appearing on the first appearance of the USA's statements on 3 March, saying their appearance in the film made a false assumption that their client had been abused.

“By showing Mr Barnes as a child next to Mr Jackson in a film watching the allegations of a rash of sex against Mr Jackson, the film leaves the audience with a false impression that Mr Barnes had been on it was destroyed by Mr Jackson and so Mr Barnes is just in a denial, ”a letter to HBO from Barnes Allen Grodsky's solicitor (now available with Boarding) to read.

According to his lawyers, Barnes was not consulted about the use of the name and appearance of the film, nor gave it permission to use it. The letter states that Barnes would “suffer from great pain and pain if the film is broadcast and appears in this deceitful light”.

“The bad pain you cause on Mr Barnes if you're not behind the course has been increased because Mr Barnes and his family thought Mr Jackson was a friendly friend of the family for near Twenty years ago he remains one of the best friends he has ever had, ”the letter continues.

“That you produce a film which strongly demonstrates that Mr Barnes had been abused by one of his best friends. Didn't anyone attempt to get in touch with Mr Barnes to ask about a complaint like that more than…. Quite simply, Mr Barnes does not want to make any attempt to engage with the film, he does not allow his image to be used and liked in the film, and wishes to be left alone . ”

Leaving Neverland which has on-screen clarification that Barnes says that Jackson was carrying him inappropriately.

Michael Jackson will appear in a concert, about 1986

In response to Barnes' lawyers, lawyers for Amos Pictures Ltd., manufacturers Leaving Neverlandsay that in the film “false judgment of truth would be made or understood” about Barnes. t

“Indeed, a truth of client relationships with Michael Jackson is on display as they did” the letter also received by Billboard. “Mr. Barnes's relationship with Michael Jackson has been part of the public record for decades; he cannot remove himself from history.

“Although it is unfortunate that Mr Barnes is not satisfied with the Film, there is no legal requirement for Amos Pictures, HBO or any other third party to approve the applications in your letter and therefore not to comply with the applications in your letter. they refused to do so.

Earlier this week, Dan Reed, director Leaving Neverland, which was rejected by applications from Mark Geragos, the lawyer that Michael Jackson brought together during the 2005 examination for the children's remission, that that member of the film had been removed from the situation.

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