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NASA news: Scientists explore Mars's metallurgy 'UNIQUE & # 39; found on Earth Science | With music and news

NASA and the US Army are studying meteorites from Mars to get updates about the work of the Red Planet. One of the samples, known as 'Black Beauty', is over 2 billion years old and has rain which leaves it special from the rest. Many interesting images will include scientists from the Army Research Laboratory using a CT scan to look deeply at metal and rock, and create 3D high-quality images. Black Beauty is about the size of a football and weighs about a half pound.

Professor Jennifer Sietens, engineer of the military equipment, explains: “The special feature of Black Beauty is that it is one of the oldest martian sunflowers found on Earth.

“We have found that there is enough evidence of water that makes it so special.

“I think there are lots of benefits that the NASA-ARL collaboration can bring.

“In the larger picture, ARL is now supporting national policy for spatial planning. That helps promote the intention to go back to the moon and Mars.

“As such, ARL is increasingly supporting its science promotion.

“By checking the x-ray CT, we can create unstructured solutions and shortcomings, so just split, within the stuff before the test is done. ”

Commenting on the first time she saw the cow wrecks, Professor Sietens said: “We met in a conference room and took it out, and we were all able to put gloves and gown it out. that would be very fine.

“It's amazing that this is from another planet and can be kept in our work.”

NASA Chief Inspector Goddard, Dr Jim Garvin, said: “Science is largely collaborative, because it's even the peer review work that allows us to publish our work. understand our peers what we do.

“Not only is there a page written or a computer screen that I'm thinking of starting off in science.

“So we are working with new measures of measurement that measure what is previously common in things that we don't understand but only, the best way to go.

“Place is a big place and there's a lot of work to do.” T

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