NASA's first female space jump is due to space space size issues

WASHINGTON – The NASA US space agency said that it has killed the first female space route, mentioning the size of spacesuits as a reason.

NASA's two female astronauts, Christina Koch and Anne McClain, have been recorded to make the historic message Friday.

But, after McClain had consulted, who carried out space work with his male crew Nick Hague on 22 March, the mission managers decided to change the distances, “to a degree due to spatial space” on him. T the International Space Stations, NASA stated in a report.

"McClain learned when she had her first spacewalk that has a high toe-level top – especially the spaceship – her best fit. T Because only one medium torso can be prepared by Friday, March 29, Koch will spend it, ”said the statement.

NASA describes the first female space trail

However, NASA clarified on Tuesday by tweet that there is more than one medium sized spacesuit on board. “But to keep up with the timelines with @Space_Station's updates, it is safer and faster to change spatial dolphin designations than rebalancing space masses. ”

“We will be doing our best to accommodate the space sizes that each astronaut, based on the size of the space they would have trained on, and in some cases for viewers. trains in many sizes, ”explained Brandi Dean, spokesman for Johnson Space Center.

“However, if people are able to change their needs when they are in orbit as a result of the changes that can occur in microorganisms then a body can be present,” said the AFP. T Say.

“Additionally, no one training environment can do all one thing in order to create space zoom in a micro-measure, and an individual may even be able to match it. Their choices were changing by the place, ”said Dean.

As a result of the reconfiguration, Friday's space trail will be followed by Koch and Hague as two male females, and will continue with the task of installing powerful lithium-ion batteries for one pair. station sunshine.

At the same time, McClain is to be set up to make her other tournament on 8 April with the astronaut of the Canadian Space Agency David-Jacques.

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