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Pelicans wrote Davis vs. Lakers James-smaller

NEW ISLANDS – New Orleans Pelicans advance from Anthony Davis from Sunday on the front of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Davis was recorded on a Pelicans wound report with lower back spores and has lost the two previous games.

The third game will just come out of the line after a day when the Lakers announced their decision to join LeBron James in order to improve the rest of their health season in the next season. T .

James hasn't spoken publicly about the Lakers' decision to send out. He has been with his club to New Orleans but has so far spoken to reporters.

Lakers and Pelicans have been eliminated since fighting for play.

New Orleans will have four games left after Lakers have left town and it's not clear to Davis, asking for a trade at the end of January, any of them. Gentry says that Davis won't play if he doesn't "feel good and feel that he can go out and play without interference."

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