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People who bring into the Theranos will be launching a company to help start errors.

  • The majority of theranos, the start-up dollars tool for dealing with crime complaints, was now largely reduced by the help of people making whistle in whistle. testing the blood company.
  • Two of these spinners, Erika Cheung and Tyler Shultz, have launched a group that teaches ethical practices and decision-making to entrepreneurs who build their own companies.
  • The organization, called Ethics in Entrepreneurship, is aimed at young entrepreneurs who are just starting their business.

Two of the whistle players have helped by presenting allegations of condemned practices which occur within the experimental red-blooded tendons which were once committed to promoting a non-profit. to help others avoid something.

Erika Cheung and Tyler Shultz have launched a non-profit group called Ethics in Entrepreneurship, which aims to help young entrepreneurs start starting to take priority of ethical practices from the very beginning. Cheung and Shultz say on their website that the profit from Theranos ash has risen, and that it works to ensure the morality of the priority is for entrepreneurs and future founders t in the future.

"There were so many situations, even for someone like Elizabeth Holmes, to be going back and saying, 'I give things too long here," Cheung told CNN. “I think that entrepreneurship can be empowered and power given to society, but we don't have to allow things to grow to this stage. "

Cheung and Shultz once worked at Theranos, the start time of $ 9 billion which was to change the blood test industry. The two former staff members had to show light on the technology the company wanted to be involved in and the outputs that were accurate. The original woman, Elizabeth Holmes, is engaged in allegations of fraud and allegations that she has made a mistake in the ownership of the investors who gave more than $ 700 million to Theranos.

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Shultz played an important role in helping the journalist Wall Street Journal, John Carreyrou, open what was happening at Theranos first. The company was an old research engineer, Shultz, who is also the grandson of the former Secretary of State (and Theranos Board members) George Shultz. Cheung usually works in Theranos Laboratory, and has broken away from federal health regulators about Theranos.

Now the two staff members of Theranos have been trying to stop the Theranos from other events. The group focuses on providing young people with a range of skills and resources training, particularly in the future, for future generations to think about and prepare for ethical challenges. they could meet later. These facilities include access to a network of experts and entrepreneurs who are not just starting out in the industry – it's the idea of ​​smaller ones to connect with more experienced people. , people who can provide additional direction and context for important business decisions.

Ethics in Entrepreneurship works to record as a disadvantage in the United States and Hong Kong where Cheung currently lives. The organization is currently offering grants on its website to support its efforts.

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