Sea of ​​Ladies launching pages & # 39; friends to play & # 39; free

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It's hard to look at & # 39; Keeping a recent moment with a Need JavaScript to play Sea of ​​KnightsOn the West of February 6-13, players can invite three friends to navigate them on Xbox One or PC.

This promo includes Pass Pass Xbox publishers, a & # 39; mean as long as you have an opportunity Sea of ​​Knights, you will be able to generate and generate three codes. People who have Free Download code code also have access to 35% of the full version of Sea of ​​Knights until 27 February.

As action producer Joe Neate said, Sea of ​​Knights a few months are successful. "When I watch all of our criteria throughout its game, whether it's easy to see or what is to be seen, or it's our sale, or Game Pass Even, we have seen a marked increase across that meter Dumbbells on. "It's the right time for such a campaign to encourage vocabulary.

Microsoft and Rare also provide a "big news" for a one-year anniversary; game on 20 March.

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