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Snapchat rebuilt his Android application from bottom to bottom

Snapchat today announced that, after months of much popular work, the popular social app is starting to kick start an updated version of his Android app. In an effort to discourage bugs, improve consistency, and be more rapid in general.

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The new Snapchat for Android looks exactly like the previous one, but the app has been completely re-installed from the bottom. This has been in post since 2018 in a bid to bring the Android version of Snapchat into line with the iOS ratio. Just after installing it from the Store Play, users should notice that there are fewer bugs, which is faster.

Android Authority I sat in an interview with the people of Snapchat to explain more why this radical rewrite was made. At first, Snapchat did not know about the issues with his Android app, but when they got out, it became clear that there would be a need for a full transcript. The difference between how your camera is handled from an Android device to one of the many road developers is set to change.

In addition to the full transcript, the interview keeps saying that Snapchat uses a wider range of tools to try the app. The therapists also say that the “best aim was that people wouldn't realize that the app has completely changed below it but should all be more sooner. ”

Snapchat hopes that this Android rewording will help to put the app up to the iOS equivalent to performance and features. They believe that the rewite will “loosen the gap to good”. One of the beneficiaries is even going to say “no wonder” if new Android features hit before iOS. As Engadget show, however, that this is not so, as the new “Charms” are still in iOS only.

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