Statement: The growing challenge of a vaccine in Philippines

President Rodrigo Duterte, commenting on the launch of a new hospital in Malabon Town, said his concerns about the reduction in vaccination among children and children; ask his parents not to cause frivolous fright.

All other vaccines agreed by the government for "good" and "vaccine programs" for the person's health to grow old, "he said.

Later this year after a vaccine dispute was opposed to the deninge, this may be the first time the president had said he was "frightening the government" when people ; away from her / her vaccine for their children.

According to the Health Department, only six out of 10 children were able to get their / her; their registered vaccine. This means that there is a huge concern to health; public.

In the last ten years of the Dengvaxia case, a whole child's degree of immunization – "babies who received one measure of BCG, three pounds of Polio Oral trout, DPT (diphtheria, pertussis ( cough) and hepatitis B, and one measure of fluid vaccine before they reach a year old – is satisfactory, from a low of 67.47 per cent in 2017 as high as 86 per cent in 2010.

Many healthcare practitioners such as doctors, nurses and midwives, work in a health and public health department for fear of being able to do so. previous year the lowest in a decade. DOH said "need to confirm our people on the safety and value of the vaccines" to increase the current vaccine coverage.

This should not be a matter of concern if the UK is not fully implemented by the 10152 or the "Admissions Health and Admissions Act 2011 Act 2011. The law states that a basic vaccine will have a compulsory vaccine to prevent infection. vaccine is provided free of charge at any government hospital or health center for children and children up to five years of age.

Having become President of Benigno Aquino III, weakened the law to the slightest public awareness that he is even.

In the presence of the law, why are parents still giving the freedom to follow? What effects can these parents have or the benefits of the parents who choose to be able to; challenge their child's health?

In particular, the confidence and confidence of its people has a vaccine; Continue to reduce due to poor information and misleading applications. This may also be due to lack of instructions to implement the law. There is also a lack of detailed methods that prevent government agencies from being able to; discharging the law completely.

Five years ago, this was the only case of President of the Pro-Tempore President Ralph Recto when he asked the DOH in a public hearing to comply with the Rules of Procedure and Regulations (IRR) for RA 10152.

For nearly eight years and a number of health secretaries since the law was made, the final IRR was not published or distributed in an official information bulletin for information.

At the same time, a few days ago, the Food and Welfare Administration warned the public against the use of a vaccine "Verorab," which is a threat or damage to its users . The governing body published its warning after the DOH agreed to the # 39; defeated the FDA Management Performance Unit and coordinated them with all hospitals on sale.

Their bracket brackets, made by Sanofi Pasteur, do not have a & # 39; including its booklet, the impeller and the FDA licensing distributor, FDA Number Registration (BR-514), Rx symbol, the warning warning statement, and bar code.

Zuellig Pharma, a registered and independent distributor of a vaccine in the country, did not come to her; a vaccine with Lot Air. H1833, and said by representatives of Sanofi Pasteur that the Certificate of Goods Registration Certificate was also a lie.

According to the General Director of Nela Charade Puno, "we also ask local government units and law enforcement agencies to ensure that this spectacular product is not sold or available in their areas or in authority areas. "

This is not a # 39; The first time a Verorab vaccine is affected by safety as a result of safety issues. In 2016, the FDA has placed a public health warning against the same unregistered material.

Last year, a flag of another "Rabipur" vaccine was found with the group. That time, the authorized marketing dealer, GlaxoSmithKline Philippines Inc., together with FDA reminded the public of being aware and gave a consumer information campaign on how to determine the versions Fake the vaccine by a & # 39; checking the product sheets.

By expanding mobile issues, consumers' main question is how to ensure the quality, safety and efficacy of vaccines. The response is dependent on the FDA because their regulatory order is to protect the population. They need to restore the trust of the users of the organization because they have the technical expertise and abilities to confirm the safety, quality and effectiveness, not just vaccines, but of The current medicines available in the local market.

It is said that vaccine is one of the only important public health measures in the 20th century. It includes a healthier, more universal life, especially among babies and children. It is the responsibility of significantly improving the number of children who come to their; their first birthday.

Some people understand the fear of their parents as they are; Thinking that a vaccine with scientific evidence, rather than uncertain claims and allegations, is a more rational way to improve vaccine coverage.

Responding to the allegations paid to families due to Dengvaxia related costs, Health Secretary Reynaldo Duque said: "As public services, we need to work together in the Philippines service. We need to work together to get solutions to the Problems facing us and not creating divisions. We must always work on trustworthy and helpful support. "

Alvin Manalansan is a health at Stratbase ADR Institute, a partner of

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