The ADMU level reports & bahay kubo & # 39; as a stimulus for a prize winning concept

MANILA – Encouraged by bahay kubo no seanair or grandfather of his grandfather in Bulacan, Earl Patrick Forlales saw an affordable affordable housing solution that was made from the bamboo plant.

The dream came to fruition this year when its 23-year-old CUBO conception won the prize at the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) competition for our Future.

It has been a competition, which is a? 150th anniversary of RICS, has been created to collect solutions that address many of the problems of the urban world. From 1,200 entries, judges completed 12 final performers competitions, led by experts from around the world.

Forlales, graduating from the Ateneo University of Manila with a double degree in chemistry and science science engineering, was named on Thursday as the winner of the competition.

RICS President, John Hughes, in an online video interview with ABS-CBN, chose to select CUBO Forlales for many reasons.

"It was very clear that this was the best. It was simple. It was something that could be implemented. He did not carry millions and billions of dollars to In addition, what was good about it, it was culturally tied to the environment in which it wanted it to be implemented. In our survey terms, it has been substantially measured in many levels, "said Hughes .

In an interview with ABS-CBN News, Forlales said he wanted to solve the housing problems caused by the growing population of Metro Manila. He pointed out that building builders into the town as a result of private infrastructure projects and government departments.

"CUBO is the reformed version of the traditional bahay kubo," he said, explaining that although a nipa is a " Combination of bamboo use can be reconfigured, using handle pellet panels. "This innovative bamboo can last 50 years."

Forlales said the week's redesign process will last if the installation is long and it's just a & # 39; take up 4 hours.

Each of the two people can have a basic square metallic unit. For better use of the place, Forlales describes a community of bamboo houses, where the units are tied together and with general units, which are bathrooms, kitchen and laundry.

"The aim is to empower people who live in the community," he said, saying that building staff can be recruited to build the units.

Forlales does not have CUBO, in this regard, only a sustainable business, but a social enterprise.

It plans to create units that can be rented for just P450 per month. And because the houses are made with pre-made materials, they can be removed and transported to other areas such as the traditional bahay kubo.

He hopes that although the government and the private sector would think that the housing problem was a sustainable solution. come from many villages.

For the next year, Forlales will be adding a prize value of £ 50,000 for a good use by doing it. Creating a team and working on prototypes and CUBO unit modules.

He hopes to run more than 10,000 units and run by 2023 with the help of investors.

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