The Assembly is re-introducing a bill to assist in the development of progressive nuclear technology

Two nuclear towers against blue sky.
Enlarge / Watts Bar nuclear-power center in Tennessee.

Last week, a group of 15 seniors from the USA appealed a bill to avoid the Nuclear Energy Management (NELA) Act, which would encourage and position federal targets for advanced nuclear power. A smaller group of grandparents first introduced the bill in September last year, but the Congress session came in before the Assembly voted for it.

In particular, the bill empowers the federal government to become involved in the 40-year power purchase (PPA) agreements of nuclear power companies, rather than the previous 10-year agreements. By receiving a 40-year PPA it would be beneficial for a nuclear start to sell its power for 40 years, which reduces the uncertainty that could arise from the construction of a foreign well. complex and complex.

Advanced technology is the technology from the next generation which will enhance the vast water rewilding devices that are used today. The nuclear power of the traditional light water reactor has been battling in the USA, as reactors spend billions of dollars and communities are unhappy to accept new nuclear buildings as a result of concerns about record repression and terrorist attacks. T . Furthermore, there is a unresolved problem in nuclear waste in the US – there is currently no valid commercial waste disposal site, and the latter is technically a solution to the problem. politically liable.

But political support remains for nuclear energy, because it is reliable, long-term, and can generate a large amount of energy without direct carbon emissions.

Advanced nuclear reactors seek to address some of the problems faced by traditional nuclear reactors by making their smaller reactors and model (making them less expensive to build). and, theoretically, safer in a closed situation) or by building re-active equipment that will operate more safely and safely. less dangerous fuel.

Finding common ground

The bill last week was funded by a group of double-sided singers led by Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), including Democrats from New Jersey, Delaware, Colorado, and Illinois, as well as Republicans from Tennessee, Idaho, Ohio, and West Virginia.

As well as supporting a 40-year PPA to develop the economics of progressive nuclear reactor research from the private market, the Energy Directorate of the UK Government's Nuclear Power Office is also responsible for developing a 10-year strategic plan. to support the study of a progressive nuclear reactor. The DOE will also require a research facility capable of neutralizing the bill if the bill passes, which requires the contents of the assembly "to be able to prove parts of the significant reactor, safe and reliable working" t confirming them, and finally approving the presenter's concepts. "

The bill also directs the federal government to provide some "higher-quality" poems for research and testing in advanced re-players. Traditional light water reactors use low-sophisticated uranium where the isotope U-235 is active 3 to 5 per cent of nuclear fuel, according to the Nuclear Union Society. The higher incidence of religion, on the other hand, increases levels of wealth to around 7 per cent of fuel and, in some cases, can go up to 20 per cent. T .

Finally, the bill guides the DOE to create a “university nuclear leadership program” to prepare the next generation of nuclear engineers.

On Thursday, Microsoft Bill Gates' mogul supported the bill. Gates is currently chair of a progressive nuclear reactor called Terrapower, which develops a mobile travel reactor that uses depressed uranium as fuel (a subsurface of uranium decay). in lower uranium). Terrapower suffered an earlier political stop this year, as US regulations ruled against nuclear technology with China the company who abandoned its plans to test the technology in that country.

The gates proposed this new leaflet, writing "I can't do too much about this."

“To arrest the worst effects of climate change, we must reach near-zero emissions from the factors that guide it – agriculture, electricity, manufacturing, transport, and buildings – by investing in new technologies. T overlay all sectors and use low-cost renewables, " Gates were returned. "Nuclear power is one of these vital technologies. It is perfect for dealing with climate change, as the only energy-free, accessible source of energy is 24 hours a day."

NuScale Power, a company who have made a huge contribution to the build up of a small blue china device in Idaho, praised the bill. In a report to a market research company called The Morning Consult, chief executive of NuScale Power Chris Colbert said that “the bill will be absolutely fantastic”; making it easier and more accurate to use the work. "

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